Fallin' Up ~ Part 2 {Jaebum FF}

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"When two people really care about each other, they will always look for a way to make it work, no matter how hard it is."

Summary: Being someone's little sister is hard.... especially when you have an older brother who has a best friend you have a huge crush on and you can't-do anything about it... But little do you know he has a crush on you as well. What will happen?


"I was listening to that," Jaebum says and you smiled.

"So?" Where you suppose to care?

He gets closer and you began to back up. Why is Jaebum getting closer to you? He needs to back up.... This isn't safe.

"You didn't listen when I said turn it off so you shouldn't listen to music at all," You said trying to defend yourself and trying to forget how close Jaebum was getting.

"So what is your point?" he asked smirking and you backed up so much to the point you were now against the wall and Jaebum had both of his hands over your head and his face just a couple of inches away from yours.

Anything can happen...


You swallowed hard and tried to hold back your feelings... Don't do anything stupid... Don't do anything stupid you kept thinking over and over but that was hard to do. If your feelings were to take control over your body, you probably would have grabbed a hold of Jaebum and smash your lips on his... But you couldn't that... even though you wanted to. Not only because of your brother but because you weren't ready to get rejected by Jaebum... You know he doesn't feel the same way you do.

He looked into your eyes and you looked at his making your heart beat out of your chest. What the hell are you going to do? What the hell do you do?

"Y/N I-" before Jaebum could say anything else you both hear the front door open causing you both to jump and Jaebum lets go of the wall and you ran to the kitchen. SHIT SHIT SHIT!

If Jackson saw you against the wall and Jaebum right in front of you... Things would have gotten bad really quickly. You didn't even want to imagine what would happen.

You got a grip of the counter from the edges and closed your eyes. Chill man... Your heart was still racing as you continued to replay what just happened back in the living room. Why does he have this effect on you?

What was he going to tell you? You were so lost in your thoughts you didn't even notice Jackson walking into the kitchen. Not only that but you forgot that you were holding on the edges of the counter lost in your thoughts.

"Hey Y/N I.. is everything okay?" Jackson asks you and you quickly opened your eyes and without thinking twice you let go of the counter and looked over at Jackson.

"Yeah. Just cramping..." you lied and he smiled. Bullshit.

"I shouldn't have asked." Jackson was quick to say and you playfully rolled your eyes but that excuse worked.

You walked to the kitchen table and looked at the items Jackson bought and just as you were about to say something you see Jaebum step foot into the kitchen... Well, that was a sign to leave. Whatever just happened you still had to figure it out and wrap your mind around it because you were extremely confused.

"I'll be in my room if you need me." You said looking at Jackson trying your hardest to avoid eye contact with Jaebum.

"You don't want to hang out with us?" Jacksons asks and you shook your head. Why would you?

"Not really." You responded as you walked closer to your nearest exit.

As you walked your way out of the kitchen, you took one last look at Jaebum and then looked away. In order to make these feelings leave for good... You have to distance yourself from him and get a date asap.

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