chapter six

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"What?!!" Hera screamed.
    " I meant let's go to sleep. What were you thinking ".
" oh nothing. I meant I need to go to chorong house to tell her.Then I will come back tomorrow "
"OK l will take you".

  The ride to chorong house was silent. Both of them are deep in their thought.
   As she entered chorong asked her what she and discussed and Hera told her everything.

  " you can stay with me so I can take care of you " chorong said.
  "Don't worry I will be fine. Let's go to sleep".

  Hera entered her room and packed her stuff. She laid down and could not stop thinking about how her life changed.
    From a cheerful child to a abused teen then to a pregnant teenager. She removed those thoughts from her mind and slept off.

   The next day she went to school which was as boring as before. After school, she packed her small bag and went to beakhyun apartment.
        She settled for the room next to beak own and arranged her things. She is starting her part time work the next day.

  In the evening Hera prepared a little food not sure if beakhyun is eating. Baekhyun enters being a little drunk. He managed to eat the food she cooked before going to his room.

  After doing the dishes she went to sleep.

One month later.
The last one month passed with the daily routine of going to school and part time. Her bump is now showing a little since she is almost four month along.

   Hera is considering taking a break from school and working more. She interacts with baekhyun but not very well. She is now through with her work and went home. As usual beakhyun is not yet back.

   "Hi" she greeted baekhyun as soon as he entered.
"Hey. Are you feeling well?. How is the baby" He asked.

   Hera heart seems to beat more than regular when beakhyun asked about her health. She just nodded.

  "Hmm baek I was wondering if you are free tomorrow".
   " why do you ask" beakhyun asked and look at Hera who is biting her lips. He find this sexy and he is using all his power to not kiss her.

"Well you see,am having a doctors appointment tomorrow so am wondering if you want to come"
     Baekhyun thought about this before saying OK. It won't hurt to skip school. Hera is no longer attending due to her now noticeable bump.

   "OK the time is 12pm. You can meet me at the hospital." Hera said before going to her room and called chorong informing her not to come tomorrow since baek will be accompanying her to the doctor.

The next morning, baekhyun went to meet chanyeol forgetting the reason why he is not going to school.

Hera waited for him at the hospital and when her name is called she has no choice but to enter alone.
The doctor examined her and told her that she can check the gender of the baby since its now four month. She shook her head,she wants to check it with baekhyun or let it be a surprise.

After the lecture on what to eat, what not to eat and the rest Hera left the hospital sad. She went to the park which was kinda deserted since its a school and work day.

She sat on the bench and started crying. She didn't want to cry since she expected that beakhyun would not come but damn mood swing.

  "Hey can I seat here" a voice said causing hera to rise her face. A fine guy was staring at her and sat down.
  She wiped her face and said
"You are already seating down why bother asking".

  The boy or man just smiled and introduced himself
" am  seokjin but you can call me jin."
   "Am hye ran but call me Hera" she said managing a smile.

"Do you mind sharing your problem, as in a friend to talk to" he asked.

Hera said yes. Since she really need someone to talk to and she might never meet him again.
  " well i went to my best friend party and drank alcohol by mistake. I woke up realizing that I lost my virginity to one of our school bad boy."

  Jin just sat there looking at her which caused her to continue
  "I tried to forget about the incident since we were both drunk but it doesn't help when I found out that am 10 weeks pregnant. My aunt threw me out of the house and I stayed at my best friend place for a while"

  "What of your parents"
Hera smiled sadly trying to not cry again but it seems hard. She is really getting emotional this days.
  "They are in a better place"
"Oh sorry I asked. I really don't have any idea"
" its OK. No offense taken "

"So did you tell the boy responsible"
  "Yes.he accepted it. Am staying with him. I told him about the doctor appointment and he promised to come but he never showed up. Am not supposed to cry you know but damn mood swing".

   " don't worry its going to be OK. So friends "
"You don't even know me well and I don't know you"
  "I can say I know you well enough to want to be your friend. You are brave and didn't consider adoption, you face the problem well and still manage to smile"
    "That's what my best friend said"..

  " well my name is Kim seokjin. Am studying at Seoul high school. Just kinda transfered since we just moved here. Am an only child and in my final year of high school. Is that enough ".

" I study at Seoul high school too but as a scholarship student. Final year but I kinda took a leave because of my baby bump. OK friends."

"Jin I have to go am almost late for my part time job" Hera said before running.

   Before jin can say anything she disappeared.

   I saw a pretty girl today and I just found a need to protect her like a small sister. I did not even collect her phone number.
Well I guess I will see her again.
  I left the park with a smile on a face.

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