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i suppose those beautiful almond-shaped eyes belonged to jennie kim? both of us seemed to acknowledge each other's presence through this one-second's worth of staring contest.

however, it wasn't long before her soft, warm gaze hardened and turned cold. she knitted her brows together and turned back her head to face mrs. lee once again.

the fuck? are you telling me i have to work with this rude ass the entire year? wait no lisa, it ain't right to judge a person so quickly. i'm sure she's a nice girl.

i stole a glance at chaeyoung.

ohmygod this hoe is already giggling and joking around with the girl sitting next to her.

judging by her bright purple hair and milky white skin, she must be kim jisoo, the school's heartthrob that everyone talks about.
[ a/n: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) chaesoo in our area ]

"now that you've met your partners, please proceed to the laboratory for your next class." with that, we dispersed out of the classroom and headed towards the lab.

i found my seat next to where jennie was seated at and silently sat down.

well this is more awkward than i thought it would be.

"hi i'm lisa! nice to meet you." i tried my best to be cheerful, only to be dragged down by her poker face.

"i'm jennie." she sighed, turning away from me and resting her head on the table.

seems like it's gonna be a tough year.

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