Sweet 21 Birthday Ball by Kitewaltzryder

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Story Author: jewela

 Genre/Tags:   yes romance destiny fate romance interracial love soulmates 

Review:  When Italian Marcello Giannini was 21 years old he met a little 8 year old girl named Dominique from the United States. He was single and his mama would always fuss that he needed to find a wife. When Dominique came to visit somehow they formed this bond that ended up as a loving friendship. The day Dominique and her parents left Italy to go back to American was hard for the both of them. They had become inseparable during her time there so he promised to visit her every summer.

As Marcello promised, every year he came and would write letters to her. As the years passed, Dominique tried dating but no one ever came close to him. With a thirteen year age difference, Dominique started to have feelings of more than a friendship when she turned 16. As she turned 21 those feelings had turned to love. Not knowing, Marcello having those same feelings comes to her for her 21st birthday and pours out his feelings that he has hidden for so long. She becomes overwhelm and then he proposes and with tears of love and joy she happily excepts and they live happily ever after.


Reviewer: VICMAD

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