Chapter 110 Maha Chapter.

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A surprise Maha Chapter!


Post engagement celebrations.

Suman's POV.

The tent set up on the ground was huge, but not big enough for all the guests to fit in together. I could not help but smile as the seniors took charge in organising so the buffet lunch carried on smoothly.

The faces shining with delight was a sight to behold. Their happiness was pure, their love was unconditional.

To see small children, some still toddlers to be leading a life without their parents or families always made my heart bleed with sadness.

What did they do deserve this? Then on the flip side were the seniors who had toiled all their life to give a good life to their children only to be abandoned when dusk of their lives approached.

On a positive note, not all were abandoned, some had opted to live away to stay with people of same age group without being in the way of their families day to day life.

I shook my head trying to come out of the feeling of sadness. After all the ones I was feeling sad for were actually looking happy, were content with what they were getting from life.

"They will always cherish this day Suman."

I turned to see the kindly Mrs Rastogi walk up to me with a gentle smile on her face. "You and your fiancée have given them a chance to be a part of your happiness." She reached out to place a pale hand on mine. "People often think of them as a chance to do a good deed, but they rarely have a chance to be involved in celebrations."

"Mrs Rastogi you do know they have always been a part of my life." I said quietly as the images of the years I had visited with my parents flashed in my mind.

"That is a rare legacy your parents have passed on to you my dear. And I am so glad you and your fiancée are taking this forward. You have both been such a vital part of Happy Home over the years." Still smiling she moved towards a small group of children who were waiting for their turn to reach the food counters.

I replayed in my mind what she had just said. My fiancée has been a vital part of Happy home over the years?

Then a confusion that had been in my mind since years suddenly fit in like a missing piece of puzzle. The many instances of the past few years- about four or five years to be more specific flashed by.

A sudden secret benefactor from overseas has sent a cheque of good amount to help out.

Thanks to the regular flow of funds the renovation and extension could be completed.

The children have received some amazing gifts! Even the seniors have not been forgotten.

Why do most things seem to have the letter 'S' on them?

Maybe this person's name initial?

No no. Then he would not have requested to have his name kept a secret.

Whoever this 'S' is must mean a lot to him.

The feeling that invaded me right now had no name. I had never experienced pride, love , confusion and also a flash of anger to this extend at one go.

The anger was unfair and I knew it. But what else was I supposed to feel on discovering that the mysterious 'S' I had wondered about, giggled at with others, sent a silent 'Thank you' to several times, had been me!

Without an ounce of doubt I knew the 'S' was Sumo and not Shravan, just like I knew he was the secret benefactor.

While my eyes roamed around I smiled at the happy faces, my father's side relatives also among them.

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