Facts about T.O.P (member of Big Bang)

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Here are some facts of T.O.P from BigBang.

1.) Real name is Choi Seung Hyun

2.) Born on 4 November 1987 at Seoul, South Korea

3.)  Had 181 cm tall and weighs 65 kg.

4.)  Blood type B

5.) The TOP name was given by senior, Se7en.

6.) His hobbies are reading books and swimming.

7.) Before join with Big Bang, he has become underground rappers as Tempo and released the song "buckwild" featuring NBK

8.) TOP have won KBS Radio's "Rap Battle" in 2003.

9.) When he was young, TOP been sleepwalking. Now she just wraps tight his hoody while sleeping.

10.) TOP can quickly calculate the number of calories

11.) TOP watch a porn video for the first time at 5 grade. (O______O) Seriously?

12.) TOP get his first kiss while at school level 7 near the Han River.

13.) TOP will choose Taeyang for a date if he was a girl.

14.) TOP cried when he saw 2000 fans at a surprise birthday party, which was prepared by other members.

15.) Speed dialing (No. 1) in his phone is his mother's number.

16.) TOP got a sister named Choi Hye Yoon.

17.) TOP dedicated the song "good boy" and "as if nothing's wrong" for his ex-girlfriend.

18.) TOP favorite food is rice, ice cream, donuts, yanggeng (red bean jelly). He liked yanggeng because he thinks the smell of red bean paste was so pretty and sweet.

19.) TOP's shirt size is L

20.)  According to another member of the Big Bang, TOP Japanese was funny.

21.) TOP does not like / uncomfortable if been touch by a woman '(i mean, outside from his work)

22.) He begins to like rappers and want to get into the music world when at class 4 or 5 years after listening to the rapper, Notorious BIG

23.)  While in school TOP never get high scores.

24.) TOP nickname while in school is a sleepy baby.

25.) He is the first member to be featured in a solo MV - Red Roc's 'Hello' Big Bang member among others.

26.) He wanted to learn from Seungri and GD for determination and completing the work efficiently.

27.)  TOP It has a great sense of humor than any other member. Sometimes he likes to make strange behavior and movement. Se7en, his seniors were admitted and Daesung had said that he learned about it from TOP sense of humor.

28.) His favorite song is' Notorious BIG - Big Papa. "

29.) His favorite artists are Method Man and Kanye West.

30.) Rarely went to a karaoke.