Part 34 - Arrival of the Chernabog

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"Now I'm gonna ask you one more time... where is your camp" The Governor repeated himself, with a more stern more malicious than before. I looked down at Tom, he had been battered pretty good, the sparkle from his eyes were lost and damaged but I knew he had been through worse, he was part of the military for Christ sake! He slowly shook his head, my eyes widened, and glanced back to the Governor, my face went straight, then a slight smile formed on my face. "And I'll tell y'all one more time, you're barking up the wrong tree" His eye began to get wider and his face came over red with anger. He pushed Tom away from him and walked behind me with a purposeful step, I felt the all too familiar pain in my head and everything went black again... god dammit!


I woke up quick and abruptly, I opened my eyes quick and without a care of blinding myself by the sunlight. I realised that I was outside, still handcuffed to the chair, but I wasn't just outside, I looked around and saw the tops of the trees below. It looked like a town, a quite nice too. Hang on... Fuck! I'm on a roof!! how the fuck did I get up here? "Well, well, well... she wakes... How y'all doin' sleepin' beauty?" A man walked up to me, he looked older than the Governor, and looked quite unfit. My eyes wondered up and down him, studying him, that's when I saw his hand. One hand was... well that's exactly it... there wasn't a hand, it had been replaced by a hunting knife... what the fuck?... "And who are you meant to be Captain Hook?" I questioned with a cocky tone, my eyes not leaving his. "Haha, she's got guts... I like her..." He put his knife hand...thing to my throat...I didn't move or flinch, I stared straight in front of me the whole time. I could feel his hot breath on me, ugh! "You let the Governor know where your little family is... or well go have some fun with those walkers over there" he moved back and pointed to a dug pit in the distance, there must have been over a dozen in there. Since I had already been in this situation of giving myself to walkers in the start before I met Rick, I wasn't about to start begging for my life, it doesn't go like that. "Fine providing that you come in with me... I wouldn't want to take all your fun away now would I?" I formed my lips into a pout as if I were talking to a child. He began to laugh, without warning be smacked me round the face... Ow... The pain was unbearable but I didn't let it show, I refused them the satisfaction. If I died today, I know that I would have kept the group safe and fulfilled my purpose. The Governor walked up to me and dragged my chair backwards to the edge of the building, it looked pretty high but heights didn't phase me in the slightest. He tipped my chair back and held me there, a smirk growing across his face again. I was wide eyed until I saw his smirk, I looked down the the floor and back to him... I began to chuckle... quietly at first then it developed into a more heartier laugh. "What?" His face went straight, then flooded with confusion. "Hahaha!!!" "WHAT!" I looked I to his cold dead eyes.

"Go on, push me... push me off and you win. Go on. I'm dead, anyway... We all are, right? I didn't fully understand that until now. Isn't that what you want, anyway? When I tell you, you'll kill me and Tom afterwards anyway. So if that means you kill me? You won't get a word out of me... I won't beg for my life either." I kept my stare on his showing I wasn't afraid of him, he pulled me back onto the ground and stood back with his hands on his hips. "Prison... The prison... We're at the prison" Tom called out barely to a croak. oh Tom... why?

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