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Authors Note:

Lauren was diagnosed with a disorder when she was 10, it was written in her file that she heard voices telling her to do things and sometimes see people.

Camila was her nurse/psychologist when she was younger, and after her sessions were over Lauren began to become infatuated with her.

Knowing she gave her comfort and guidance, Lauren didn't want that to stop, so her mind kept making it seem like she was still there.

When she killed her sister it was because she felt like her sister was telling her Camila would never actually come back for her, like she had promised.

To Lauren, Camila was like a best friend, but to Camila, Lauren was just another patient, another 'angel' she had to help.

Camila's promise to Lauren was that she would always help her no matter what, and that's what Lauren took and twisted into her own version, to help her blame Camila for the bad things she did, IE: killing her sibling.

I hope you enjoyed this story, I have never written anything like it, and even if you don't like it that's fine too <3

Remember to take care of yourselves and have a nice day.

The whole book was based off of Tove Lo's song imaginary friend by the way.

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