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I placed the tiara over my head, courtesy of Robert. I turned away from the over sized mirror and looked at Robert all the while smiling a never ending smile as he looked at me with the same smile.

"Doesn't, now my princess looks like a princess?" Robert said playfully while adoration lurking in his eyes.

"I know, it has been a long time since I had felt weight over my head, but from where do you get that?" I questioned purely out of curiosity.

He shook his head and brushed it off saying that it doesn't matter, all that matters is that I looked beautiful in it. My face contorted in a shade of pink but like from the past day, I haven't felt any butterflies in my stomach.

We have been talking since yesterday, he again and again asking if Xander had done anything bad to me and me continually denying anything because I had already decided that what happened in the past is past. I had already forgiven Xander for what he had done so what is the point of whining in front of Robert and father just like a kid? Maybe at some point and at the right time, I will tell them but not now.

Father hadn't met Robert until now, so we are just going to meet him and from there we will go into the city just like it had been planned.

Robert shakes me out of my thoughts and I looked at him startled. He came close to me and took my cheeks in both of his hands.

"I am asking again, Ana if there is a single thing you want to tell me?"

I thought of telling him the truth, the harsh realities that I have faced in such a short time. Never had I thought that I will go through this. I had always dreamed about my other half to be gentle, calm, patient, loving and caring towards me. Never would I had thought that I will stuck with Xander, the one with a cruel mind and a demon's heart. I thought, maybe I should just tell him. I would not be at peace knowing that I lied to Robert, but what happens next? I will only ruin my chance to go out as Robert will corner Xander, I know that for sure and I know that Robert will give his own life to protect me but that doesn't mean that I am willing to let him give his life because of me let alone for anyone else.

He looked intently at me and I just shook my head while smiling lightly at him. He still stared at my face, tracing any ounce of lie, but little does anyone know that I can manage to speak any lie or do any sin for the ones I love and care about.

His hands left my cheeks and smiled sweetly at me.
I knocked on my father's room door and waited for him to respond. Just as I heard a faint approval from inside his room to enter, I entered while Robert stayed behind. He was sitting on a chair with a feather in his hand and a piece of paper lying ahead of him on the table while I noticed the pot if ink near the paper. Once he realized that I was the one who entered, he rose from his seat and a smile etched in his face, the smile that truly reached his eyes.

He spread his arms and motioned for me to come close to him and I hugged him. I buried my face in his chest and inhaled his scent. I always loved to smell him since I was a small girl. It refreshes my mind and put me at ease and only I know how much I am at ease now knowing that I have my father near me. Safe and sound. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and I snuggled closer while he put his chin on the top of my head.

"How are you feeling?" I questioned still in the previous position. He distanced himself a little to look at my face.

"How would I be knowing I have my princess here with me? Of course I am great!" He replied and I smiled more. He eyed my tiara with confusion but said nothing.

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