Chapter 16 - Changes

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Sasuke glared at me. Weeeell, I couldn't blame him, ya know. But, come on! He C-A-N-N-O-T blame me too. He's cheap AND rude. Who agrees with me? RAISE YOUR HAND!! You're practically at school, yes. 


"Shut up." he snapped then walked infront of us. "Just because you changed youself and you're no longer afraid, that doesn't mean you're strong enough. Letting go of your shyness doesn't quite change the fact that you're not strong to stand by your own." 

 Why is he saying this? I know in myself that I could be a better person if i like to, and I really do. I did let go of my shyness, and now, I'm trying to be strong. But he doesn't appear to be 'thumbs up' in what i'm trying to do. I'm trying to improve myself, but why does it look like to him that I'm just making things worse? 

He really is cheap. And rude. And a weirdo. And a moron. And he really is "the" Mr-I-Know-It-All. 

I can't really change the fact that he's weird and creepy and a little bit stupid and.. and.. and.. and more. 

Still, those words kept me thinking. 

Why do I really wanna be strong?

I know. 

Because i wanna stand by myself. I wanna make those mean girls' jaws drop as they see me being strong and successful. 


I, Sakura Haruno... 

Wants to.. 




I'm WORTH more than they expected!

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