Calm The Fire: 28

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Balin was minding his own business as he walked along a quiet corridor. Spotting his brother ahead he called out, Dwalin turned and watched as the elder of the two approached.

“What are you doing?” Dwalin asked while crossing his arms.

“Oh, nothing, nothing really.” Balin said with a shrug, Dwalin just looked down at him with a raised eyebrow. With the way he exclaimed his name, Balin seemed like there was something wrong. That there was something which Dwalin needed to suddenly attend to.

The two brothers just walked along the corridor until familiar figures went speeding past. A smaller figure than the other backtracked and looked up at them, Dis. “What are you doing?” Balin asked curiously.

“Náriel is leaving tomorrow,” Dis explained she looked past the two to see that Frerin had stopped at the end of the corridor. “So we thought we'd give her a little good bye thing.”

“That's an interesting idea you have there.” Balin said while looking thoughtfully up at the ceiling. Dwalin rolled his eyes, clearly he thought the whole thing was rather ridiculous. “Need help?” At this he looked to his brother and then to the young girl, Dis suddenly beamed up at them both.

“Now hold on,” Dwalin said while uncrossing his arms and holding up his hands. “For one: does Náriel want this?”

Dis scrunched her nose up in thought. “That's a silly question,” she said while crossing her arms and frowning up at him. “She's our friend. Why wouldn't she want us to say farewell to her?”


“I think what Dwalin means is, saying good bye can be hard.” Balin said simplifying the moment, Dwalin let out a short sigh and gave a firm nod, he didn't have much of a tolerance when it came to questions and answers.

Dis nodded suddenly catching onto what he meant. “You think she'll cry, upon seeing us say bye to her?”

“Possibly.” Balin mused.

“Can I ask you something?” Dwalin looked down at Dis, she merely nodded rather enthusiastically. “Is Thorin somehow involved in this, or has he perhaps put the idea into your head?”

At this Dis grinned slowly and wagged a finger up at him. “Maybe, maybe not.”

“He's involved,” Dwalin said firmly despite Dis exclaiming he wasn't. It was clear she wanted to get the credit for this.

Balin frowned at his brother. “Of course the lad's involved.” He shook his head in disbelief. As soon as Dis had voiced this suggestion he knew in some small way – or large way – that Thorin was involved.

“Come on,” Frerin suddenly appeared, “What's going on?” He looked between the three of them.

“Your sister was telling us of this idea of yours.” Balin said while fidgeting from one foot to the other.

Frerin shrugged. “It seems the least we can do. Sure, Dis and I haven't spent as much time with Náriel as Thorin,” at this all four of them either rolled their eyes, laughed quietly, or in Dwalin's case; scoffed. “But we still got to spend time with her.” Frerin paused to run a hand through his hair. “I'll miss her. If only for distracting Thorin...” Frerin trailed off and sighed. Dis looked up at her older brother and nodded agreeing. “I think I speak for both of us when I say: she worked wonders on distracting Thorin from chasing us up.”


Náriel peeked around the corner of the building in front of her. Frowning lightly she sighed and walked slowly forwards. Considering how much she enjoyed her previous visit to Dale, Thorin had suggested coming here again.

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