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[ a/n: yeah i agree this chapter will be boring af but it's like an introduction(?) to the whole plot so please read to the end hehe ]


the date today is january 2, 2017. the day where all schools reopen and students drag their feet reluctantly into the hell hole.

lisa trudged into school with her messy, tied-up hair. nothing surprising though, you could see her like this almost every other day in school.

"exactly how much have i sinned in my past life to be here in this place right now ughhh." she complained under her breath and threw her bag onto her desk, plopping herself down on the chair next to it.

and like every other school day, she was too tired to do anything, so she just cupped her chin in the palm of her hands and closed her eyes, hoping the day would pass by in a blink of an eye. and then she would feel a tap on her shoulder and the sweet tone of chaeyoung's "good morning sleepy head."

lisa never really had friends, except for chaeyoung whom she had known since they were kids.

a very familiar click-clack sound made lisa snap her eyes wide open, and then roll them from the moon and back. she didn't even have to look up to know that mrs. lee, her homeroom teacher, had entered the classroom. 

"alright class, listen up." mrs. lee's high pitched voice pierced through the walls of the classroom.

"it's the beginning of a new year, and a new class. so all of you would have to make the effort to meet some new friends okay? to assist with that, i'm gonna partner y'all up with another student you've never met before. this student will also be your lab partner for the whole year."

lisa and chaeyoung shared a knowing glance with each other from across the classroom and rolled their eyes together. it was too early to function.

and like every other school day, mrs. lee's monotonous voice droned on and on like a lullaby, putting her students to sleep.


[ lisa's pov ]

"park chaeyoung? your partner is kim jisoo." chaeyoung let out a tiny squeal of excitement as mrs. lee read out loud from her list of names.

"lalisa manoban... you will be with jennie kim."

jennie..? i looked around, searching for a certain jennie that was in this class.

and then i met my gaze with the most beautiful pair of eyes i've ever seen.


[ a/n: sup i'm back with a new story 👀 i was planning to make this a jensoo book but you know... jenlisa has taken over my entire heart 💀 sorry for the boring first chapter i promise it'll get fluffier ( and kinda sad too coughcough ) as the story goes on 👌🏻 thank you for reading this book 💕 i'll post the next chapter soon wink wonk ]

[ also i'll try my best to update daily or regularly but my wattpad app is not letting me copy my story from my notes and pasting it here 😤 so i have to retype it here and it may take some time bc it's really tiring :( please understand 🙏🏻 ]

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