Confrontations. Part 26

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11th October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

I was patiently waiting as I looked towards the hall that lead down to the front of the house where I can hear some murmuring after the door had been opened. Then I heard the front door shut and with the sound of footsteps coming closer, I knew that Rem had arrived. I could tell his tread anywhere.

A moment later, he was standing in the archway looking around the room. His eyes skimmed over each and every person who was there before his eyes stopped on me. Then his eyes roamed up and down as he checked me out.

I'm sure he could easily see the differences that have been made with me having the surgery. I'm not talking about there being one side of my chest being flatter than the other. I'm talking about the fact that I no longer was the curvaceous woman that he had met several months earlier. I was more or less a willowy slimmer kind of woman now. There were some small curves there that I was gradually getting back. But my body didn't want to keep those extra kilo's at all.

When he noticed how slimmer I was compared to the last time he saw me, he frowned. He totally ignored everyone else who was in the room as he just focused on me. Of course there was one curve that he didn't ignore which I saw him fix his eyes on. I don't know what he was expecting but I am sure he will mention something regarding it. I have noticed that he is not ever someone who is lost for words.

Then I saw his eyes narrow right before I saw the rest of him stiffen up as if he was about to do something, and he did. It was like he steeled himself for a major move and after I blinked, I saw him take the long necessary steps that he needed to bring him to stand right in front of me.

The next thing that happened before I knew, or anyone else for that matter, was that his lips were quickly fixed against my own.

" Hey." I heard my Poppa yell out before Rem was yanked right back away from me, stumbling a few steps away as Poppa held on to him by the back of the jacket that Rem was wearing. Then I was surprised to see my Gamma step in front of me and face Rem.

I couldn't see the look on my grandmothers face but it was enough to stop Rem from twisting around ready to clock Poppa which was what i thought he was about to do. But stopped when Gamma held up one hand in front of her.

" Stop. I wouldn't even think of taking on that old man. You might find yourself flat on your back looking up at him." Gamma snapped right into Rem's face.

By this time, Gamma has got hold of Rem's undivided attention. I could see that he was as still as a post as he waited for whatever it was the old lady in front of him was going to do or the old man who yanked him back from me was going to do.

" Who's an old man, woman?" Poppa suddenly asked in a cranky sounding voice. Whether he was cranky at Rem or at Gamma, I have no idea. But his words actually broke the tension that had seeped throughout the room the moment Rem appeared from the hallway with mum at his side.

" You are, Love. Now listen up, I'm about to interrogate this young man here, Dak. Do be a good lad and don't interfere. You might find yourself on the lounge tonight if you do." Gamma went on to say without taking her eyes off Rem who was looking from one old personin front of him to the other one wondering if he was like Alice and fell down the rabbit hole. At least that is what the look on his face reminds me of at the moment.

But when he heard gamma say that she was going to interrogate him, he just snorted which had both Poppa and Gamma give him their full and undivisded attention.

Of course, it didn't escape his notice that I stepped right back away from them all along with mum and Gavin who had been standing nearby. Dad was still standing behind his father in law and probably didn't think he needed to step out of the firing line. Dad should have remembered what his wife's parents were like when tey got into a snit of some kind. Much like they were at the moment.

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