Chapter 2

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I stood up and punch a wall; I didn't realize it was Danny's face, thankfully my knuckles are not broken. I heard my knuckles crack which made my fingers flexible and I haven't felt more comfortable stretching my fingers. Until my moment fade away.

"FUCK OFF!" I shouted throwing a pillow at Danny but he caught it.

"Can you help me choose pants? I think my butt is pregnant." He didn't laugh, instead he arch an eyebrow. He's just mature half goofy.

I raised a middle finger at him. "You're rude! And didn't you have like, three more pants left and you're on a diet?" I mentioned.

"Yeah.. About that, I didn't do my diet," He bit his lip averting his eyes.

I facepalm," Can't you do any simple task like this one?"

"I'm sorry! I forgot my schedule and I didn't even think of it. Also you missed breakfast and no more milk tea.

I screamed in my pillow.

"Buuuut... I stole some and save it for you!" He smiled sheepishly.

I jumped hugging him down as both of us stumble almost falling on the floor.


The class ended pretty well and I got a C plus which is accurate and worst. Ms. Lizette asked me about my absence last week.

Well because my mom was sick and I have to take care of her while James missed his school instead he does mom's restaurant. The manager was strict as hell he didn't even let mom rest but James did it, it was acceptable. And now I have a major headache.

But its alright, I'm doing this for mom, for me and our future. I want to reach that goal badly to help them and start a better life.

Then a guy that I haven't seen before,  wearing a blue blazer with business pants. Marched in the halls with a stoned expression, straight to the cafeteria.

"Oh! Welcome to the campus, I haven't seen you around before. Would you like me to tour you around?" Vixen suggested.

"Excuse me." he answered calmly.

Then he spoke to a professor a a their conversation are heavy yet serious and he has a badge that I couldn't read. After their talk they shook hands and he walked away and brought a book in his hands.

"Hey Ana!" Stacy walked in. One of Vixen's friends.

I don't talk to her often but she's a nice gal and popular. Generous person that loves charity business. Excels every Science class, hell she took the whole science course and wanted to become a Scientist.

"The detective is still in business. They're on the case finding missing person Eleanor Rose. Popular fashionista and also in charity business, She got lost in the woods and said someone was stalking her, then she was found dead." She happily informed.

"Oh. Wow. Who could've done that? And who's the new Willy Wonka?"

"Don't know, I don't see him everywhere in the campus. Only on rare occasions. And did I mention I love your band? Radioactive Seven Zero are the best!" She laughed. And I finally felt normal.

"Thanks. We'll be releasing a new album soon." I winked as she squealed happily and left.

Then detective walked back and kept a hook in his hand until his face was hit by a wall. I looked away snickering under my breath, and I too was hit by wall with my beautiful face.

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