Justin's Pov

I cant believe I ran into Harry Styles, No Not that one, Harry-freaking-Styles.  i was interrupted of my thinking when  I felt a vibe on my thigh, i pulled out my phone,  and looked at the screen it was a text from the girl i did the music video 'baby' with.

I'm Gay, not desperate. i cannot believe i had to kiss all those girls, but Selena knew i was gay, she faked dating with me to protect my image. i invited him to stay at my house so he wouldn't be flogged by the fans, i hated when they did that.  

Shocking isn't it i hate my fans, but i like the fame, all the time my producer says, " Act like you love the fans, Justin"  I rolled over in my bed, and close my eyes, and started to hum, Baby.

Harry's Pov

" I mean he surprised me by, well ugh, i don't know it went like this, Liam, Mr. Daddy directioner?" I was telling all of this to my back up best friend. only Liam and Louis knew i had a very bad crush on The Justin Bieber. 

"uh, he might like you, i don't know! ASK LOUIS!" Liam screamed through the phone

"No! You know he broke up with me for the Whore, and to protect his 'Straight Image' you know what, Liam I cant see him again. He left my heart agape, and i Quit the band. i'll send for  my things." i whisper back at him, " Louis hurt me beyond repair, i couldn't stand to see Louis hurt me again, i cant and i wont."

I hear Liam sigh, "they wont like this, but i'll see what i can do."

"Thanks Liam" i clicked off my phone and laid down and closed my eyes, humming Moments and cried over the love of my life

Liam's Pov

I cannot believe Louis was the cause of all this shit, he knows how emotional Harry gets. I have to do something of One direction could Break Up, I storm back up the stairs, and Louis is inside his room with that one girl i haven't even bothered to learn her name, if i did it would only hurt Harry.

I barge into the room, not even knocking and i wish i had, there, was what ever the girls name, shirtless and on top of Louis. "LOUIS, STOP FUCKING AROUND, HERE HOE PUT A SHIRT ON" i through Louis's shirt to her, and she caught it and pulled on her pants and left the room, 


Louis just finally manged to come back to earth, "Dude stop she didn't do anything to you!" he screamed at me, "Does it matter? You just caused one of the biggest disaster, by dating who ever she is."

"How did i cause a disaster and her name is Eleanor!" he screamed at me

"Harry is quitting the band"  i screamed back at him "and guess who he is staying with!"

"Like i care he is quitting the band, because he was never apart of this band, and who is he staying with?" 

"2 words Justin Bieber"

"Oh, im happy for him, then i knew how much he liked him, i thought he was in love with him instead of me, but it doesn't matter, I'm in love with Eleanor now."



"Didn't you ever love harry?

"Yes i loved him, hence the past tense"

" He told me how he was going to propose to you, he was going to do it when you went to bed after you took a shower, he was going to lay rose petals down and i had the stuff when you broke up with him, he gave everything up, you don't understand how much it hurt him. I had to leave with him for a week, you know he was wanting to pick up a razor but i had to stop him, he was a mess, and you don't care if he falls in love with another man? You know from what i hear Harry is living with Justin right now, and he will send for his things. So you choose, Live happy with Harry and be his boyfriend-If he takes you back- or - Leave and not be a band again."

I waved my hand in front of louis's face, he was in a trance, "I don't have much of a choice do I? " 

I shook my head, "Nope"


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 Photo: Louis and his girl friend

Music: Baby- Justin Bieber

Moments- One direction