• Chapter 3 •

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I decided to take Mongshil to the dog park, because he's been running around the house. And yeah, I've been playing games with him, like tug of war, fetch, and belly rubs. But it seems he wants to run around more freely. Plus, It'd be a good idea to let him make friends. Thankfully he was already fixed whenever I found him.

I locked on Mongshil's leash onto his collar and we began to walk to the dog park.

While walking, another man and his dog were walking across the street from us. Mongshil was this and began to bark.

"Mongshil! Shhh, it's okay! It's just another dog!" I say, gently.

He still kept barking and eventually while the cars weren't coming, he began booking it across the street to the dog.

I freaked out and tried to hold the leash, but he was so strong, and I lost grip.

"Mongshil!!" I ran after him, looking both ways.

The other man saw what was happening and began to pull back his dog.

Mongshil ran up to it and began to sniff the dog and the man.

When I caught up to him, I was out of breath. Mostly from panic.

"I'm so sorry, Sir!" I apologized.

"Y/n?" The voice seemed familiar.

I looked up a saw Hoseok, his dog in his arms.

"Oh! Hoseok! I'm sorry! I didn't know it was you!" I said rubbing my neck.

"It's fine. Anyway, what are you doing today?" Hoseok asked. "I was just taking Mongshil here to the dog park. I thought that the apartment was a little bit to small." I say. Hoseok nods in understanding.

"I'm going there too if you'd like to come with us." He said, placing his dog back on the ground.

"Sure. By the way, what's your dogs name?" I ask.

"His name is Mickey." He smiled.

"Awe! How cute!" I smiled back.

"Thanks! Anyway, should we get going?" He asked and played with the leash in his hand. "Yeah, lets go." I kept a tighter grip on Mongshil as we began to walk with Hoseok and Mickey.

" I kept a tighter grip on Mongshil as we began to walk with Hoseok and Mickey

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The dog park is a nice place.
Well, minus the smell of dog poop and pee.

Hoseok and I were having so much fun playing with Mongshil and Mickey. The dogs seemed to be getting along together too!

While the dogs played with each other, me and Hoseok began chatting about our childhood and things.

"Ok, ok, so you poured water on the floor and when your mom was carrying you into your room she slipped?" I laughed.

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