Farmer's Field

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July 13, 2017

"Josh, I'll be home in just a couple of days," the tired male spoke to his boyfriend into the receiver of his phone. "There's food in the fridge and in the cabinets, and I left you cash on coffee table under the candelabra."

The man on the other end – Josh – groaned softly, soft shuffling sounds coming from the receiver. "I don't want you to be gone for two whole days, though," he whined, sounding like a child. "Who's going to get high with me? Who's going to go buy me booze when I'm being lazy? Who's going to keep me company in bed?"

Brendon chuckled dryly, rolling his eyes as he pulled onto the access road leading him away from the interstate. "I know for a fact that you've got very many friends who can help support your habits, Joshua. As for keeping you company in bed," Brendon sighed, seeing his dashboard showed he had low tire pressure on the left side of his car, "I'm sure you'll be fine for forty-eight hours. I've gotta go, I need to check my tires."

Josh scoffed on the other end. "Right," he said bitterly. "See you in a few days, Bren."

Before Brendon could even answer, the line went dead and he rolled his eyes as he pulled up onto the shoulder, killing the engine before stepping out to inspect his tires. As suspected, he had a flat tire. He sighed softly, walking over to the trunk and popping it open, retrieving his car jack and monkey wrench and setting the tools down. As he went back for the spare tire, he was stopped by a voice calling to him.

"Hey, man," the stranger said, jogging over to him. "Need some help?"

As Brendon looked up to the – seemingly – younger man, his heart nearly stopped beating in his chest. The man was absolutely beautiful, even more so than Joshua, and that was saying something coming from him. The man had jet black hair and pale skin completely covered in tattoos, standing a couple of inches taller than Brendon. He had ridiculously high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes, accompanied by a wide smile with perfectly straight and white teeth. He would've looked like an angel had it not been for him being covered in nothing but black clothes.

Brendon shook himself from his small trance as the man came up beside him, looking at him with concern for a brief moment. "Yeah," he said quickly, nodding his head as he looked away from the man. "Yeah, I could use a bit of help."

The stranger smiled and nodded as they went around and started to jack up the car. "I'm Andy, by the way," the stranger said as he stuck out his hand for Brendon. "Andy Biersack, but my friends just call me Andy B."

Brendon chuckled slightly, taking Andy's hand and shaking it. "My names Brendon," he said happily. "My friends just call me Brendon."

The two men laughed gently before getting back to the task at hand. Brendon could have easily changed his tire on his own, but it was nice to have some help, especially from a rather attractive stranger. After about twenty or so minutes, the tire had been changed and Andy was helping Brendon load his jack and his flat into his trunk. "Thanks for your help, dude," Brendon said genuinely, admiring the smile that graced Andy's lips.

"No problem at all," he said softly, closing the trunk after getting everything in. The two men turned to each other, shaking hands once more before Andy was starting to walk away. "Catch you later, man."

Brendon watched as he walked, internally battling with himself. He didn't want to see Andy disappear just yet, being that close to such a beautiful and angelic person like that only happened once in a lifetime and he wasn't ready to let this moment go. After a few moments, he called out to the man. "Hey, wait up!"

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