Shravan: (shaking his head and smiling) But you look good in everything. And today.....(pulling her close)....You look stunning. 

Sumo: (blushing) Thanks. 

Shravan's hands made their way to the exposed waist, tickling her as he wrapped his arms around her and pressed his body against hers. Her's breath hitched and Shravan could practically hear her hearing thumping against his chest. He grazed his fingers on her waist, making soft patterns.

Shravan: (whispering) Every single person tonight is going to be so jealous. 

Sumo: (blushing) All the girls will be jealous of me. Cause you're all mine. 

Shravan: And all the guys will be jealous of me. Cause Baby you're mine forever.

Sumo: Shall we go Mr. Malhotra, so do you want to sit in this room and romance me all night. 

Shravan: I'd like that very much. 

Sumo: (hitting his chest) Let's go! We're going to be late! 

And with that, Shravan and Sumo left the house and began driving to the venue. 

Sumo and Shravan arrived at the venue with in a couple of minutes. Shravan parked the car and rushed to the other side to help Sumo out. Taking her hand in his, they walking into the wedding venue smiling and recalling their own wedding. 

The entire venue was decorated in red and gold. Their were chandeliers hanging from the ceiling with beautiful flower arrangements placed on the top. In the center of the room was a stunning mundup made with grand pillars and crystal hangings. There was a gorgeous red canopy at the top along with many red roses. In the middle were two chairs for the Bride and Groom. People were up on stage taking pictures and laughing with the crowd. 

Shravan and Sumo headed to the front, meeting and greeting all of their friends

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Shravan and Sumo headed to the front, meeting and greeting all of their friends. They were about to head up to the stage, when an old friend of Shravan called out to him. 

Shravan: Rohit!!! What are you doing here man?! I didn't expect to see you?

Rohit: (hugging him) Shravan Dude!! I didn't know you were invited! 

Shravan: Yeah I know! Long time huh? I haven't seen you in ages!! 

Rohit: Sumo?! Is that you??

Sumo: (smiling) Yeah! Hey Rohit!

Rohit: Wow girl, you look GOOD! (hugging her) 

Sumo: (blushing) Thanks. 

Rohit: And I heard that you guys got married!! Congrats my boy!! You finally hit the home run with Sumo!! 

Shravan: (smiling) Thanks Rhoit! What about you?? Anyone special I should know about?? 

Rohit: Dude, I got dump by Natasha, Meena, and Rohini! I think I'm better off single! 

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