Sumo: (pouting) You won't even do that much for me?? How sad! And here I thought you loved me. 

Shravan: (cupping her face) No Baby, no. I'm doing this for you. Just imagine, if that bully Tanya sees me in a Sari then she will just find another way to bully you.

Sumo: (confused) What does you wearing a sari have to do with Tanya bullying me! 

Shravan: (tricking her) Just imagine! That the Sumo of our school! And her husband in a Sari?! Who will people make fun of?? You. Because I'm your husband. 

Sumo: Good point! OMG Shravan you are a life savior!! What if that stupid Tanya made fun of me because of you! 

Shravan: (taking a breath of relief) Exactly! This is why you shouldn't make me wear a Sari. 

Sumo: Ok fine!! But still, you have to wear a Kurta!! 

Shravan: (grinning) Ok fine my atomic bomb!! Now show me what you are wearing so I can match my outfit with my wifey!

Sumo: (grinning) Perfect Shravan! And then I can rub it in that bully Tanya's face!! She thinks I'm stupid! Well guess what? My husbands the smartest person from our school! And to top it off, an oxford grauduate! Ha! 

Shravan: (laughing) Who knew Sumo was so afraid of Tanya. I wish I knew about this a long time ago! I would have been able to get my revenge!!

Sumo: (hitting him) Meanie! You're my husband!! You should be on team Sumo not the loser Tanya!! And I am not afraid of her! She just.....irritates me to the point I want to rip her head off and throw it into some boiling Daal.

Shravan: (shaking her head) You're crazy! Now please go and change or we will reach there for the Vidhai not Shaadi! 

It wasn't long before Sumo got dolled up in a gorgeous blood orange lehenga with silver thread work. The lehenga flared out at the bottom and exposed a bit of her waist. Sumo wrapped the duppatta around her back, hanging it off of her arms and put a diamond necklace on her neck. Shravan matched her outfit with a yellow Kurta that had similar silver thread work. 

Sumo twirled around in front of the mirror and smiled to herself

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Sumo twirled around in front of the mirror and smiled to herself. 

Sumo: (grinning) Perfect! 

Shravan: (smiling) Thank you Sumo. 

Sumo: I was talking about myself! 

Shravan: (frowning) What?! 

Sumo: (grinning) I look perfect!! Tanya won't even be able to call me fat now!! Look at that body Shravan! I look amazing!

Shravan: (rolling his eyes) Wow Sumo, I didn't know you were so humble. 

Sumo: Oh, and Shravan, you don't look too bad yourself. 

Shravan: (smiling) Thank you. 

Sumo: You look amazing! Like Kajol says in Khabhi Kushi Khabi Gham, men only look good in Kurtas!!

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