Part 132*

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The following day passed in a rush. Sumo and Shravan were both attending Bael and Tanya's wedding that evening so they wrapped up their work at PCT and SUMshra early so that they would get enough time to get ready. 

Shravan was talking with Pushkar while Sumo was pacing back and forth in their room waiting for Shravan. It had been a whole five minutes since he hadn't returned and Sumo was in full on Sumo mode. Just as she was thinking about him, Shravan opened the door and walking in on an angry Sumo. Immediately Sumo marched up to him and glared. 

Shravan: (confused) Woah there Baby, what's wrong? 

Sumo: Where were you Shravan?!

Shravan: (shrugging) Oh I was just chilling with Pushkar. Why? What happened?

Sumo: Chilling with Pushkar?! I am in such a big problem and you were chilling with Pushkar?!

Shravan: (confused) Problem? What happened Sumo??

Sumo: I'm dying here!!! First of all I am being forced to go to that bully Tanya's wedding and now I can't even decide what to wear!! And my husband, who should be helping be, is chilling with a Pushkar instead!!!

Shravan: (laughing) Oh god Sumo! What is with you and Tanya? Forget it, Bael said that she is changed!

Sumo: (glaring) I know that women Shravan! She will never change! She's a bully!

Shravan: (laughing) Look who's talking!

Sumo: (glaring) Shut up!

Shravan: Sumo, if you can change! The great Sumo wrestler can change, than so can Tanya!

Sumo: Whatever! But that still doesn't solve my clothing delima!! What on earth do I wear!?

Shravan: (smiling) Oh god Sumo! You look stunning in everything you wear! Just pick something and you will look mindblowing!

Sumo: (pouting) No I can't! I have to pick the perfect outfit! Or that Tanya will make fun of me!! And that too in front of everyone!

Shravan: (laughing) Sumo, Babe you'll look prettier than the bride! You don't need to worry! And plus, you're forgetting that your very handsome and very sexy husband will be there with you! So no one is going to bully my Angel.

Sumo: Promise?

Shravan: (kissing her forehead) Yeah! Now go and get changed or I'll have to change you myself!

Sumo: (blushing) I won't mind that at all.

Shravan: (smirking) Now you're tempting me. But if I start changing you than we might miss the wedding.

Sumo: (laughing) Good point!

Shravan: Hurry Jaan. And don't stress on your clothes. As long as that smile's on your face, you're the most beautiful women in the world.

Blushing, Sumo went to her closet to pull out something to wear. Shravan did the same, going through his suits and trying to pick something out. 

Sumo: Mr. Malhotra, if I'm wearing a lehenga then you have to wear a Kurta too!!

Shravan: (frowning) Kurta Sumo?? No way, suits are more my thing.

Sumo: Wait a minute!! You aren't where a kurta or suit! 

Shravan: Then what do you want me to wear?? My boxers?? 

Sumo: (smirking) No! You have to wear a sari! 

Shravan: (choking) WHAT?! Sumo, I think you left you brain in Hawaii.

Sumo: (shaking her head) No, no, no! I told you that you would have to wear it!! So wear it now!!!

Shravan: Sumo, Sumo, Sumo! There is no way I am doing that!! 

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