You Simply Drive Me Crazy

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Vinny came home later than he said he would, of course, I can't fucking believe him, we have a fucking kid he saved my life and now he doesn't even acknowledge my existence, he walked through the front door and didn't even look at me, I love him but for fuck sake he just ahhhh i walked up to the couch he was sitting on, "I cannot fucking believe you" i said to him disgusted, "what the fuck did i do now or are you just finding an excuse to bitch at me again" i just gasped in shock, "I thought you loved me, guess not" i mumbled and ran off to our bedroom. 


I really fucked up, I ran after Y/n as fast as I could I didn't know that she felt that way, I love her more than anything i'm so stupid i'm gonna lose her and it'll all be my fault. I opened the door to the most horrifying sight, Y/n was covered in her blood, razor in hand, i quickly ran over to her and ripped the razor out of her hand and held her in my arms as we cried, "i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm so sorry Y/n i didn't know you felt  that way i love you more than anything in the whole world and i have no excuse as to why i treated you that way i was stressed as fuck but i still shouldn't have done that please don't leave me i'll do better i promise" "it's okay baby i still love you" "please never do this again" "I wont" after cleaning her up we went to bed practically attached together.

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