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Seeing him standing in front of me after so many months, got my eyes to well with tears. I was actually surprised to see him here. After all of this I thought I would never be able to see him again. His eyes still held the same charm with their honey specks, but the sparkle was not there. I have known Robert all my life. I know what he feels.

Ignoring the bad thoughts, a smile made its way onto my face and I walked to him, living Xander behind. Just as I reached him, he envolped me into a tight hug and I could not do but release a sigh of relief as his usual scent over powered my nostrils. I would have floated in the sky with happiness if it weren't for the other two person in the room. William cleared his throat so I broke myself away from Robert but he still kept me in his arms length.

I saw Xander clenching his jaw and fists. What is his problem? Can't he not see me happy once? I am already tired of this. How can I say that I love him! Stupid, stupid Anastasia, under the spell of a black eyed wizard!

Ignoring him, I hesitated a little in introducing them both but nevertheless did it any way. Who cares?

"Robert, he is Xander and Xander he is Robert, my childhood best friend and Ally" I introduced them with a smile and gestured at both of them with my hands. As I was going to speak again, Xander beat me to it.

"You didn't said what I mean to you Anastasia, I mean Robert is your best friend and me?" He asked and left me speechless.

What can I say now? That after all of this, I love him? No, this is not the time so without further due, I said,

"Robert, Xander is my friend, if that's what you like to call it" I hate lying to Robert, but what could I say?

Robert just hummed in response and stared at Xander with a curious gaze while Xander matched his eyes, Robert being just a inch shorter than Xander.

"So, as I was saying before, you were going to take me to the city, so now since Robert is here, we can all go together" I said trying to lessen the tension in the air but just as the words left my mouth, Xander's eyes budged out of their holes, not litterlally, and he stared at me disbelief.

"No, Anastasia, you can't do it! That was supposed to our time! You can't take this--this, whatever best friend of yours" He said whining like a child. I controlled myself from giggling while I watched William lips turned upwards, from the corner of my eyes while Robert just smirked. What?

"Anastasia, won't you take me with you, you know I came for you, won't you spend some time with me also?" Robert questioned with his lips slightly pursed and eyes wide. He always does this! Whenever he wants something from me, he would make this face because he knows that I can't resist it.

I looked between Xander and Robert as I stood between them.

What should I do now?

In what situation I am?

"Anastasia, that was supposed to be our time, we are going and nobody is going to change that" Xander's voice boomed through out the hall. I winced a little at the tone of his voice.

"But Ana, I met you after this long time, you can go with him any other time" Robert eyed Xander with distasteful eyes. Wincing more.

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