October 29th

Elysia Wright

I was now six months pregnant and they decided against the gender reveal since they was so anxious to know. So they decided to just do a baby shower and thats what was going on now. I really wasn't comfortable being here but, they wanted me here because of the baby of course. I was here by myself because Meagan had to go back home last week to take care of things but she would be back today her plane suppose to land later this evening.

It was just awkward with me being here by myself with nobody to talk to other than the people who just stopped to talk or to be nosey. August mom and Nova parents would stop every now and then.

Then there was Lyric who kept me company most of the time I guess because I was pregnant she was so curious it was funny. Vincent and Loriel also held a few conversation with me but they was so busy they couldn't just stay.

Just to keep myself from being bored I asked was there anything to do but of course Nova and August both shut that down quick.

"Why you looking all lonely?" Vincent asked

"Because I am." I pouted

"You wanna come inside ?" He asked

"Ain't nobody but family in there. I don't want to interrupt there time." I said

"Well you got the baby inside you come on just until the food is done at least ." He reached his hand out I grabbed it getting up and we walked more like Vince pulled me in the house where loud talking and laughter was going on

The kitchen was surrounded by Nova, August, their parents, Travis , Loriel , T and his wife , and I guess close friends.

When we stepped in everybody heads turned towards us

"Hey" I spoke quietly

"You good baby ?" Sheila August mother asked walking up to me

"I'm fine Vincent dragged me in here." I pointed at him and he smiled

"Have a seat baybeh." She pointed st the table and I took a seat

"You thirsty or anything the food should be done shortly" Nova asked coming towards me she stooped down to my level since I was sitting down to rub my stomach. It was weird when she did that out of nowhere. But I can't tell her to not interact with her child right ?

"I want him to move, babe come here" she called August over and he did sitting his cup down

August bent down and Nova grabbed his hand placing it where hers was " I don't feel anything" he said and as soon as he said that I could feel the baby start to move around

"A'nari knows your voice" she smiled and so did he

"Ok give the girl some space" Nia Nova's mom said

"He's enjoying our company" Nova said continued moving her hand around

"But she can't even breathe y'all all in her space." Nia said

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