Elysia Wright

Waking up the next day I was so tired and I had a doctors appointment to go to. Getting out the bed I walked into the bathroom running me a hot bath with epitome salt to relax in.

"Ley Ley ?" Meagan yelled

"In the bathroom" I answered and she came in looking like yesterday

"Had fun ?" I smiled after she dropped me off last night she went back out

"Girl did I ?" She laughed

"You glowing and shit drop the skin routine sis"

"Drink plenty of water and get dicked down" she said and I bust out laughing

"You play too much get out" I couldn't control my laughter and she started laughing too

"I'm about to go take a shower anyways I bought some Ihop it's on the counter" she said walking out

"Thanks " sliding deeper into the water I relaxed a little before getting out to take a shower once I was done I slid my robe on and went down stairs to eat I had enough time before they was picking me up for their appointment

Meagan came into the kitchen with different clothes on 

"What time you leaving" she asked putting her plate into the microwave

I hit the power button on my phone to see it was nine twenty and my appointment was at ten

"In a few they should be here in a minute" I swallowed my food down with orange juice

"Well I'll be here when you get back" taking her plate out and sitting beside me

"I want to get out the house today. What's the move ?"

"We still haven't checked out they mall and we been out here for awhile"

"Well we can do that. I'll let you know when I'm on my way back so you can be ready."

"You not going to ask Vince to go with us?"

"After last night I should." I rolled my eyes thinking about the girl coming up to me

"If that ain't the truth"

When I finished my breakfast I threw everything away before going back upstairs to get dress. I wasn't going to get all dressed up so I just threw on tights and a oversized sweatshirt until I got back.

About five minutes later after I was dressed Nova texted me telling me they was outside. I grabbed my purse and headed back down stairs where Meagan was.

"I'm leaving " I let her know

"Have fun, I'll be here!"

"Whatever" I walked outside to see them parked in the drive way. August got out and opened the door or me to get in.

"Good morning " I spoke getting in

"Good morning " him and Nova both greeted back

"You hungry?" Nova asked

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