August Alsina

  I woke up to nova laying on my chest knocked out.

"Baybeh" I move her hair out her face

"Hmm" she mumbled turning her head

"Let me get up" I said

"I'm comfortable August"

"But I gotta use the bathroom" she smacked her lips before rolling off me. Getting out the bed I went to the bathroom and released my self before flushing and washing my hands. I did my hygienes before turning on the shower hopping in.

"August!" Nova yelled from the bedroom

"Yeah baybeh!" I answered

"Travis on the phone." she said

"Tell him I'm coming." After I finished my shower, I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist going to the room.

"Here he go " I heard her tell him before holding my phone up

"Wassam big bro?" I spoke into the phone

"Wassam Yung' " he moved around before he spoke into the phone again" So I talked to Loriel."

"Word? What she say ?" I asked feeling Nova come up behind and wrap her stuff around me

"It went better than I expected, she understood and help me explain to lyric why I wouldn't be around." He let out a breath that seem like he been holding forever

"I told you she would understand she ain't like that. I'm happy for you thought."

"Thanks bro! I appreciate it for real but You still on for today?"

"Yeah I'll hit you up in about a hour or so" when he hung up I put my phone down and Nova got up

"Good morning babe" she kissed my cheek before walking to the bathroom

Finding me some to wear I slid it on before going into the bathroom leaning against the counter

"What you got planned for today" I asked Nova

"I got to pick my sister up and we going to look at dresses the rest of the brides maid meeting us there and I'm meeting up with the girl later that created my dress for fitting." She looked over at me after she washed her face

"She done with the dress already? I thought it take a while"

"It do but she had been started on this dress before even messages me and she has these other dresses she did before that she really talented" she squeezed toothpaste onto her toothbrush before talking again" So all she have to do is size me before she put the finishing touches it should be done by the wedding though"

"Don't go in there trying to be no bridezilla now." I said as she started brushing her teeth

"I'm not I have enough patience." She smiled coming between my legs when she was done " have you even started yet?"

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