Mad as a Hatter

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I ran as fast as my legs would take me towards the bottom school gate, pretty hard to do with only one shoe on while carrying a backpack so full of homework and books it was ripping at the seams. Oh and did I mention it was the middle of winter and the rain was bucketing down? I could see the bus and all the kids boarding and by this time I was sprinting through the gate, bad idea. The extremely long blue and green hand knitted scarf my friends had lent me during lunch because I was complaining of being cold, caught on the gate hinge and had yanked my backwards with a lot of force, resulting in me falling on my butt in a surprisingly deep muddy puddle. Everyone had managed to board the bus by now and they were in hysterics watching me struggle with the scarf to get free. Despite seeing the whole thing the bus driver hadn't put two and two together and thinking that I wasn't boarding the bus, closed the doors and started to drive off.

"WAIT!!!" I screamed still struggling with the scarf. He obviously hadn't heard he was too far away by now. It was still pouring and now the wind had picked up. I had failed to notice that during my fall my backpack that was already bursting at the seams had ripped completely and the wind was scattering my worksheets, assignments, homework and notebooks around the schoolyard. I rushed to quickly savor whatever I could of my work, but the rain had already washed away most of the printed black ink.

"Today could not get any wor-----, wait knowing my luck saying that will just make more trouble for me!" I had always been superstitious, and believed in all that spiritual mumbo-jumbo. Four leaf cloves, avoiding black cats and ladders, hadn't seemed to help me though. My mid length dark brown hair was now as tangled as a birds nest and my jeans had dirt and mud all over the butt and knees. Luckily I didn't wear make-up or I would look like a clown by now. By this time I had given up struggling with the scarf and had resulted in cutting it with scissors I found in my pencil case. I had given up on collecting my papers as well and decided to just lay there in the rain, cursing. I pulled out my luck rabbit's foot from my bag that is if you could call it a bag, it looked more like a soaked muddy lump of fabric. I held it tightly and closed my eyes.

"I could really use some good luck now!" and getting to my feet I turned seven times counterclockwise, something I often did while experiencing bad luck as it was supposed to break a bad luck spell, which I was starting to think I was under.

"Superstition brings back luck you know" an unfamiliar voice said. I still had my eyes closed at point and wasn't ready to open them, for all I knew he could be here to beat me up, mug me or just laugh at the sight of me; sitting in the rain covered in mud with my backpack burst and worksheets spread everywhere.

"Yeah that maybe but I'm taking my chances, I need all the luck I can get at this stage," I said with a bit of ice in my voice, I really didn't want to deal with this at the moment. I no longer felt rain create cool chills on my skin so I figured it must have stopped raining.

"Ha see it worked!" I exclaimed raising my head upwards as I opened my eyes waiting to see that the rain had stopped, but to my disappointment it was still pouring. Why was I not getting wet you ask?

"No it didn't work I'm afraid, this would be the lovely work of this brand new tool, is called the umbrella. You should try it sometime." The boy was holding a bright yellow umbrella over my head.

"Well I see you've caught onto the new trend known as sarcasm. Know if you don't mind I'm super late due to missing the bus and as you can see my---"

"Yeah I saw that whole show you put on, pretty hilarious." This guy was starting to get on my nerves. Wow I didn't notice before but he has the strangest color of blue eyes. Yeah they were blue but they were very unusual. They had rings of black intertwined throughout th--- Wait why was I staring at his eyes?!

"Since your late, may I offer you a ride?" He questioned. I continued to observe him, ignoring the question. This is when I noticed the dark brown top hat that was fancily decorated as if he'd just come from a costume party. He wore a plain white short-sleeved shirt that had a crow with spread wings embroided into the front. Along with the shirt and hat he wore dark skinny jeans and sneakers that looked as if the had passed there used by date. Boy he dressed weird, why had I not noticed him before?

"Judging by the way you are dressed I guess you just came from a costume party? School play?" I queried.

"Something of the sort," He said bending down to pick up some of the many scattered papers I had left. "I could say the same for you..... Indie."

"Wow your such a charmer aren't you? Oh don't bother with those, they're ruined." I ordered pointing to the papers he held in his hand. "Wait how'd you know my name?"

"It was on the worksheet, and I wasn't implying that you were a mess, more of a diamond in the rough, a fish out of water." Oh god not another loon who uses crazy old sayings whenever the opportunity arises. He turned his head in my direction, making eye contact. He had a somewhat sad expression on his face. Oh no had I said that aloud? He turned his towards the ground and continued picking up papers.

"I'm guessing you didn't hear my previous offer so I'll repeat it, do you need a lift?"

"I haven't seen you around the school before, which home class are you in? I don't think I've seen you around before. What's your name?" I said now joining him picking up the papers. He was still holding the bright yellow umbrella over our heads, but the rain was slowly stopping.

"You probably haven't seen me around because I don't go here. My name however is Josh. Now I'm only gonna ask once more, would you like a lift? Aren't you extremely late?"

"I heard you the first time! I was just trying to get some information first, my mother always told me to never talk to strangers. And yes I am late, EXTREMLY late but that's to be expect from me by now. My parent's are probably out anyway."

"Oh well better late then never." Again with the sayings?

"Shall we get moving?" His voice seemed quite inviting, but I was still pretty suspicious.

"Who said I'm coming with you?" We had almost finished collecting the papers but to tell you the truth I was still staring at him.

"Oh come on, it may have almost stopped raining, but the roads are wet and muddy. From what I have observed you must live a fair way away to need to take the bus, plus its getting a little late," he said his eyes glued to the ground.

"Your pretty observant. I guess I should get a li--" before I could finish he had already stood up, his arms full of papers and books while still holding his yellow umbrella. It wasn't raining anymore but he still hadn't closed it yet. I was in the process of picking up my bag and what was left of the scarf when he handed me all the worksheets and papers he had collected. He then used his free hand to pull me upwards and drag me towards the car park.


Well thats the first part of my story :) If i get good feedback and people want to hear more i'll post the rest of what i have written. Sorry for grammar/spelling mistakes

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