Chapter 1-Return of Phoenix

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Charlie POV (Night of the Wedding)
"Oh, Riley! You're so tight!" I scream. I thrust into her violently and she is moaning and screaming as I stick my thick and hard cock into her. We decided to make our evening interesting and I tied her to the bed. I pleasured her by biting and licking her nipples. "Oh Master! Please hurt me. I'm yours forever!" Riley moaned as I thrust again and again. I lift her leg up and position myself to pleasure her quicker and make her cum. "Ohh, God! Riley!!!" "Oh, Charlie!!!" She came and so did I. My seed was in her womb. Soon, a child would fill our lives and we'd be set. I untied my beautiful wife and laid next to her. We're both panting and trying to catch our breaths. She smiles and looks at me. "I love you, Mr. Phoenix." I chuckle and reply, "I love you more, Mrs. Phoenix." I hold her close and kiss her beautiful lips that there is no tomorrow.

A Month Later
"Honey! Where are the car keys?" I ask my wife. She finds them in my coat pocket and throws them playfully in my hands. "Charlie, I keep telling you we need either a bowl or key hooks." I grab her by the waist and pull her close to me. "Someone needs punishment tonight. Wear that sexy little number from the night before." She turns to me with a sneaky look in her eyes and says to me, "Will you tie me up and fuck me like a dog?" I moaned softly and placed her on the countertop. I spread her legs and position myself at her womanhood. She unbuckles my pants and starts to pull on my cock. It becomes hard with pre-cum dripping on the floor. Without warning, I start to thrust into her and she lays back on the countertop and wraps her legs around my waist. I continue to thrust into her as I begin to feel her buckle and shudder. "Oh, Charlie! Don't stop! I want you so badly!" I thrust hard as she whimpers and begs for me. I then moan and pin her down as she struggles and tries to fight. "Oh, baby. I love it when you fight me." I lean in close to her and say, "It turns me on." I lick her neck and bite her neck as she squirms. She then says, "Charlie, I'm gonna cum!" She begins to ooze out her delectable juices down her legs and I ejaculate in her body. We both let out breaths of relief. I straighten my suit out and she pulls up her underwear and skirt. "You're so good, Master." Riley whispers to me. I pull her close and kiss her. I think of all the trials and tribulations that she and I have been through such as Vince and testifying in court. For a while, she was depressed but her family and I were there for her and we cared for her. I lift her small face towards me and I hold her close. She is now mine. She is now my family and she will be with me till the end of time.  I love her and will worship her forever. Riley and I drink our coffee and head out to the car towards our jobs in which we work in the same building. I head towards my office, which is the district attorney's office as she heads towards the paralegal's office. Our life is good and simple. We both deserve each other. I am happy to have my life going like this. 

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