Ch 2.

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Happy's POV

I was leaving today and Remington looked excited to stay with Aqua which made me happy to see him actually go back to normal after his mother abandoned him on my porch at the age of 4.  Anyways I got to Aqua's and dropped off Rem and he ran straight into Aqua's arms making her laugh.  I saw a cop car in her drive way but I saw it was her dad Unser. 

"Stay whole." She called out to me and I nodded at her and she sent me a smile as I got on my bike.  Rem waved and I smirked at him making him giggle.  I drove off knowing my kid was safe. 

Remington's POV

Aqua put on a movie as she went to cook.  Mr Wayne smile and went to the kitchen. 

"Dad you need to take a second.  You just had Chemo today!" I heard her yell and I ignored the conversation until they came out. 

"You walk out the damn door and you can stay at the station. I came back to take care of you because my step mother was a coward.  Now you either leave or join Remington and I for dinner." She said and he looked at her and sighed.  He kicked his boots off and she smirked and went back into the kitchen. 

"Remmy,  go wash up honey." Aqua called out and I said okay and went to the bathroom. 


"Dad I want to see Nana!" I said to dad over the phone.

"Rem I'm not there."

"Aqua can take me dad.  You trust her with me.  Please daddy!"

"Let me talk to Aqua about it first."

"Okay but you have to wait she's in a heated argument with Wayne." I whispered and he snicker. 

"No!  God damn it dad.  I'm sick of this shit.  She fucking left you when you got sick.  She has no fucking right to come back! Her and I are gonna have some fucking words." She yelled and I huffed. 

"Has it been like that all day?" Dad asked and I said no. 

"It didn't happen til Wayne's ex wife/ Aqua's step mom showed up on the door step a few hours ago." I grumbled and he sighed.  Aqua smiled at me walking into the room and I handed her the phone. 

Aquamarine's POV

"Maybe I should cut this run short."

"What no!  Absolutely not Happy!"

"That little shit!" He grunted and I giggled sitting down. 

"He talk to you about me taking him to see his Nana?"

"Yeah.  I don't know because I'm not there." 

"That's understandable Happy. I'm sure he can wait til you get back."

"Yeah I'd be more comfortable with me going with.  It's just my mom and aunt don't know you and I don't want them freaking out."

"I get that.  But hey I got to go cook dinner.  I'll talk to you later."

"Alright tell the kid to behave."

"I will.  Stay whole."

"I will Darling."

"Goodbye, Happy."

"Goodbye, darling." He said and I smiled hanging up the phone and let Remmy play on it and went and cook dinner. 

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