Note of the Week (Oct 13th)

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Happy SPOOKY DAY everyone! (Friday the 13th) I'm celebrating by putting out this nice spooky chapter for Love and Hamburgers! Also speaking of Friday the 13th, be sure to check out my Fan Fiction story Iron Man vs Jason X, also available on wattpad (Link provided bellow).

So, now that our adventure is underfoot, you'll notice the tone has been more romantic than paranormal. This is because, at first, Love and Hamburgers was a romance, but as the character of Liz was developing it became apparent to me that she had precognition and that was what was driving her towards these adventures.

Originally, Liz's abilities was a "secret story" in which even she didn't understand her abilities, but revising for the past year. I realized that was dumb. But, just because Liz has an understanding of her abilities, does not mean that I can't leave any mystery for the audience.

I hope you enjoy the next installment of Love and Hamburgers! As always, I value your feedback, so please leave a comment if you can.

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