Ninth Grade Diary

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A/N: I'm having my birthday party today so it was either a short update or no update. I think you know which one I choose.

Ugh, Spring cleaning, I thought.

It's not even spring what the hell is wrong with Adam? Making me clean on a Sunday. Sure my room was messy, but it wasn't going to kill anyone.

I stared down at the pile of my clothes and sighed. It would take forever to clean up all this stuff. Maybe I could just shove it under my bed and then go out with Aaron before Adam could figure it out.

I decided that it sounded like a good plan. I got down on my knees and looked under my bed. There one box sitting at the very back with a flash light. I furrowed my brow while wondering why I would've kept those two things back there.

Being the not so tall person I am, I slipped under the bed to retrieve the box. My floor was surprisingly clean, thank god. I slide on the hard wooden floor like a peguin until I was at the back. I grabbed the box and tried to back out.

Shit, I thought, I'm stuck.

My hair was caught on the bottom of the bed and pulling it would completely ruin my hair.

"Adam!" I yelled. No answer.

"Adam!" I tried again. That time the vaccum turned on. I sighed, he definitely thought I was just trying to get out of cleaning again.

"Adam!" I screeched. When I got no response I gave up. Eventually Adam, or Aaron, or Chace, maybe even Jake would walk in and find me. Hopefully.

My stomach growled. I was straving, but there was no food down there- I probably wouldn't eat it if it there was anyway, but I might've been down there for a while and desperate times call for desperate measures.

Boredom got the best of me so I tipped the box over and began to search through it. I had a bouncy ball, rubberbands, hair ties, cute socks, saved birthday cards, and finally my ninth grade diary.

I opened it up and began reading through it. What was the first sentence on the first page in my first diary? I HATE Chace Mathews!

I rolled my eyes at how dramatic I was two years ago. The things he did weren't that bad. A few pranks here and there weren't going to kill me. I skimmed through the rest until I got to a page that caught my attention.

March 10, 2010

Maybe Chace is right. He does all these horrible things to me and I deserve them. Today he said I was an ugly man. I can't stop crying. Anything involving my looks and my weight is such a soft spot for me. I can't believe he'd even go there. He's constantly making me look like an idiot and I'm always crying bescause of him. I have never hated anyone more than I hate Chace. In fact he makes my hate myself. He makes me- I don't know. It's hard to describe.

I think the only words I can fully explain it with are: He makes me want to die.

That was my last Diary entry.

I choked on my own shock. Chace was so mean to me at one point that I actually considered killing myself? How could some one forget a thing like that? Seriously, how could I forget that! So what if Chace was a good kisser? At some point in my life I wanted to die because of him.

Out of no where I started sobbing uncontrollably.

Chace was going to pay.

A/N: Seriously sorry it was so short. And nothing much happened, but it was better than nothing right?

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