Chapter Eight: Mattress

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A/N: I don't own anything but Amelia St. James any other original character which includes the aunt and uncle, parents and siblings of Amelia St. James.

The weekend was a busy one. Vocal Adrenaline had their sectionals this weekend. Jesse was nervous, and just because he says that he doesn't get nervous doesn't mean it is true. Jesse gets nervous, not very nervous but just enough for it to be present. Each year Vocal Adrenaline picks a theme for their setlists. This year with Jesse being the male lead and a senior he was able to put his input in more. Their theme is Queen because Jesse loves Freddie Mercury. So each set list will have a Queen song in it. They also include about one other song that features no actual soloist.

Jesse had left early this morning because VA has to ride a bus together to get to competitions together. Aunt Vanessa, Uncle Daniel and I were currently in the car on our way to the competitions. I was actually pretty excited to see VA perform, mostly because of how they move when they dance, and how they all just flow together. When we got there, we quickly went to see Jesse. I got to look at VA's costumes too, the boys were in black pants, black t-shirts with the blue jackets and shoes. It was one of their more relaxed looks. The girls were in blue dresses with black sashes around their waist, they had on black leggings underneath with black heels. (Another One Bites the Dust costumes)

Shelby approached us. "Amelia, good to see you. How's McKinley doing for you?" Shelby has always been nice to me, I even got to help with some practices when I was in middle school. "Good, I joined the cheerleading squad," I tell her. Shelby had to drop Jesse off at my dance rehearsal one day when he didn't have his license or permit, she ended up staying for a little while to watch me dance. She was impressed to say the least, ever since then she has been trying to convince me to join VA once I started high school, thinking that I would go to Carmel like Jesse. She was surprised when she heard that I was gonna go to McKinley. She didn't treat me any differently except that I had to tell her when I was gonna watch VA practice. She doesn't want to risk anything being leaked about VA setlists.

Pretty soon, it was 10 minutes till the competition started, we headed to our seats. When we were seated and waiting, the lights dimmed, and the first group started. They were decent, not good but not bad. The second, barely danced, could barely hold a tune, they would get third most likely. Lastly, it was VA. "Ladies and Gentlemen. Six-time National Champions, Vocal Adrenaline." Vocal Adrenaline started their set with Mercy, it was the group number with no featured vocalist. After that, they went into Another One Bites The Dust, with Jesse on main vocals as usual. It was amazing, Jesse always knew how to put emotion into his performance, even though VA were soulless automatons. Jesse had always been different, he was probably going to be the only one to actually be successful out of all of them.

It didn't take long for the judges to decide who won, so they called all three groups on stage, they announced second place. It went to the first group who performed, then they announced first place. It went to VA as expected. I don't think anybody was surprised by that, I know that I wasn't. Jesse and the team got their picture taken for the newspaper and then they were allowed to leave to go home. Jesse changed into his weekend clothes, which consisted of sweatpants and a t-shirt. He got into the car and we left for home.

Two days later, Monday morning.

Most girls love having their picture taken, but for some reason, I don't like. I am fine with pictures being taken when I don't know it is happening but knowing that I have to smile for some image to end up in a yearbook just makes me feel weird. It's picture week this week, not just for school. Jesse is having his senior pictures taken this week too, Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Daniel want us of them to include me in them as well so they hang up them up in around the house.

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