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Kalanee | NeeNee💙

"NeeNee come on yo ass never come out the house damnnn" my bestfriend Shamiyah complained pulling on my arm.

"Nope Cuz I already know you going over them sickening boys house" I rolled my eyes. They make me itch just thinking about em.

"Bitch you going so go get dressed" she said walking out of my room.

"IM GOING CUZ I WANNA GO NOT CUZ YOU TOLD ME" I Yelled as I slid out of my California king bed and stretched.

"SHUT UP AND HURRY UP" She Yelled back.

I turned on my beats pill connecting it with my phone.

I went to soundcloud and scrolled through my songs until I found No Fear x Dej Loaf And I hopped in the shower scrubbing my body with my IVORY soap.

"I know my life can get so crazy but as long as you're right here none of the gossip,nothing can stop us I wanna love you with no fear we can do this thing together close your eyes and take my hand" I sung.


After washing and doing everything else I walked out of the bathroom,going in my room and going straight to my dresser pulling out my yellow PINK undergarments and my casual grey dress.

I put all of that on and slipped on my black Givenchy slides and walked to my mirror taking a picture for the gram.

I put all of that on and slipped on my black Givenchy slides and walked to my mirror taking a picture for the gram

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Pretty.NeeNee: You can't even talk to the bitch she fucking with bosses and shit😎

"Ight I'm ready" I told Shamiya as I posted my picture.

"Ight come on" she grabbed her keys and we walked out.


We pulled up to the house and I hopped out and rolled my eyes seeing all of the boys on the porch passing a blunt and laughing.

"Yooo my nigga shamiyah" Boomer Yelled.

I just walked on the porch and sat on one of the chairs. I felt eyes on me so I looked up seeing everybody staring at me.

"What" I asked scrunching my face up.

"You can't speak" Ben asked blowing smoke out of his mouth.

"Hey" I Said dryly.

"Uh Uhh Why you gotta attitude honey" KD Mugged me.

"She don't wanna be over here She Said y'all sickening" Shamiyah Said rating me out.

"You can leave if we That sickening" KD Said.

"The only people I'm cool with is Beenie Cuz that's my cousin, Ben Cuz that's my bestie and Boomer.. sometimes" I explained.

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