falling for goku - Pregnant with a goof's baby

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Viana POV

I wake up and stumble to the bathrooms of capsule corp, and began throwing up, young trunks went to get bulma because he heard someone in the bathroom, bulma comes in and see's me throwing up.

"Oh my, Viana are you sick??" Bulma said.

"I don't have a fever but.. I continue to puke..." I said sickly.

"Viana... are you...?" Bulma was about to ask but got interrupted by vegeta.

"Hunny, me & goku are going to be outside training, maybe heading to beerus's, later!" Vegeta said as he rushed out with goku.

Bulma helped me up and we rushed to stop them but it was too late, they where already gone, bulma sighed annoyingly and helped me to the guest bedroom.

"So, Viana I'm gonna say this once, your pregnant with goku's baby" bulma said.

"W..what??" I said.

"Sweetheart, your pregnant" bulma said again.

It took me a few to understand what bulma meant but after that, my eyes widened and I was so happy, I wanted to tell goku but he wasn't here.

Bulma calls over gohan, and tells him to go to where beerus's house is and force him to come back home to be with Viana.

Gohan leaves to where ever beerus's place/planet is.


Gohan POV

I rush to find my father and I see him & beerus fighting, the air pressure is low and it's hard to breathe but I wave down vegeta.

"Vegeta-san, can you tell goku to head home now?" I said.

"What? No, go tell him yourself!" Vegeta said.

"Great help you are... guess I'll just tell bulma..." I said.

Vegeta crossed his arms and growled as he approached goku & beerus.

"YOU..." vegeta yelled.

"Vegeta?" Goku said.

"YOUR BRAT NEEDS YOU TO GO HOME!" vegeta yelled.

"Huh?" Goku said.

" He isn't going anywhere until he's done beating me, if he even can.." beerus said.

"Dad, Viana is pregnant and needs you" i yelled.

Goku POV

Viana... is pregnant...?

I tried to fly back to earth but beerus has a hold of me with his tail.

"Your not going anywhere GOKU" beerus said.

"Lord beerus, this isn't the time nor the place for this, I need to be at home with my new wife-to-be" I said seriously.

Beerus let's me go as if he saw a ghost.

"Yea, sure! Whatever! I need lunch anyways!" Beerus said.

"Thanks." I said as I began to fly back with gohan.

Me & gohan fly back to capsule Corp and see wise and I rush in and hug Viana tightly.

Wise uses a time thingy and a baby pops out, and it's a girl.

"Congrats it's a girl." Wise said.

"Hehe,  goku.. wanna name the child?" Viana said.

"Ummm... hmmn..." I said.

The baby looks at me and a name hits me fast.

"Govia" I said.

"Govia??" Viana said.

"A mix of our names! Goku and viana!" I said.

"Ok, she will be named govia, baby govia.." Viana said

Next time on falling for goku.

Chi-chi kidnapps govia!

Stay tuned!

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