14: people think everything is figured out and done for you. Not at all.

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(that title of this is from mike carden, because I love him)

"CARDEN!" William screams to someone sitting on the sofa, while he opens the door for Gabe. William laughs at looks at Gabe, leaning his body against the door frame.

"Hey, what's up?" William asks Gabe sweetly,

Gabe smiles back, "Sisky here?" He asks, William looks confused,

"What?" Gabe asks, Gabe raises his eyebrows,

"No hello, no kiss?" William says, acting astonished from his boyfriend. Gabe shakes his head and laughs at William.

"Hey Angel," Gabe leans in to kiss William, William's cheeks blush at the kiss, his body melts into the kiss, but his body is still in the threshold of the house. Mike comes to William wrapping his arms around his waist.

"What's up, Jersey boy?" Mike asks with a sly smirk, William sticks his tongue out at the older boy. "You can't call everyone a Jersey Boy, Sisky's from here, you don't call him that," William says to him. Mike laughs at William defending his cousins, and boyfriend.

"Boyfriend, right?" Mike asks Gabe, Gabe nods, "Welcome to the Family, has Mrs.Siska knitted you a sweater yet?" Mike asks in his signature cocky voice. William snickers, he looks back at Mike, "Go get Adam, yeah?" William asks, Mike nods, he leaves to go get Sisky from his room upstairs.

"Why's Carden here?" Gabe asks, William's face goes flat, "His name is Mike, He's just visiting, he's up here for his cousin's wedding, leaving in the morning." William says, "If you're going to be mean to him, just leave, I love him, I've known him since I was 12," William says, Gabe is about to say something, but Sisky comes downstairs with his backpack,

"Hey!" He waves to Gabe, and then turns his head to William and Mike, "Are you guys coming with us?" He asks excitedly looking at William and Mike,

William looks at Mike, Mike looks at William, Gabe rolls his eyes and sighs, "Do you guys want to come study with us?" Gabe asks,

William lifts an eyebrow, "Why didn't you ask me to help you Study?" He whispers to Gabe in a low voice, while Siksy is helping Mike find a sweater to wear while they're there.

"I just like to study with Adam," Gabe says.

"Did you just call him Adam?" William looks over to Gabe, Gabe's cheeks turn red.

"That's his name, Angel," Gabe says, William rolls his eyes,

"Whatever, come on, get the car started, I'll go help Tweedledee and Tweedledum." William kisses Gabe's cheek, cupping his other cheek with his hand, he walks off. Gabe is left with a red face, and following his boyfriend's orders.


"So William tells me you're in midtown, does Billiam tell the truth?" Mike says, Gabe, chuckles as he puts down his calculus homework, "Billiam?" Gabe asks, Sisky and Mike start laughing, as William turns cherry wine red.

"I was like, 8, okay!" William says, Mike laughs even more, "You were like 12! And you liked My Chemical Romance! You wouldn't shut the fuck up about how you wanted Lyn-Z Way-

"It's Ballato!" William screams because it's not like Gabe is trying to study, or anything.

"-to fuck you!" Mike laughs and Sisky agrees because Jason's told stories to him about everything William has done. Gabe looks at him shocked and disoriented, "You were goth!?" He exclaims, and William sends him an "are you really fucking asking me that dumbass question," look.

"No, he was not goth, and there wouldn't be anything wrong with him if he was," Mike said to Gabe, putting on his best diva voice. "If William wants to suck dick wearing black lipstick and listen to Marilyn Manson instead of heteronormative pop shit. That's perfectly fine! " Mike says, looking Gabe dead in the eyes.

William rolls his eyes and looks at Gabe, "If I ever start dressing like Marilyn Manson come beat me up." He says in his most serious voice, which kind of turns Gabe on, but he won't express that in front of Mike, or Sisky. "Mhm, sure angel" Gabe says, putting his headphones in and going back to finish his calculus homework.


"What do you want to eat?" Gabe asks, looking at everyone sat at the table. Mike grins at William, and William grins back.

"We're getting the Jason Siska special." Mike says, William nods in agreement, "The only good thing here," William mumbles, Sisky giggles, which Gabe finds hilarious.

"It's half Neapolitan pizza and half Greek Pizza." Mike says.

"Why is it the 'Jason Siska special' " Gabe asks, looking his boyfriend up and down, which makes William all flustered.

Sisky talks before William can even open his mouth, "SO, IT'S THIS PIZZA, BUT IT HAS EVERYTHING THAT JASON HATES ON IT. ONE TIME MIKE AND BILL MADE JASON EAT IT, WHILE WE WERE IN CHICAGO VISITING FOR WINTER BREAK AND JASON PUKED ALL OVER THE BOOTH, AND WE GOT FREE PIZZA AND DESSERT!" He shouts, which makes William laugh so much, so fucking much like he's about to puke, that he leans into Mike's side, just smiling and laughing.

Gabe thinks William-no, Gabe knows William has those fuck me eyes. When he's done laughing William looks at Gabe with all the lust in the world. Gabe would honestly do anything for William. "Baby, you okay?" William asks, snapping his fingers in front of Gabe's face.

"I love you," Gabe blurts out to William, which makes Carden and Sisky laugh they're back in Chicago at William's house. William puts his head into his hands, his cheeks turning red.

"Love you too, Eduardo." William says through the muffled hands, Gabe rolls his eyes. He walks over to the counter to order the pizzas and fries. Gabe doesn't care that Sisky, Mike, and William are so close, he's actually happy that William has a support system.

He's hopelessly in love with him, as cliche as that sounds. William likes cliche though, it's weird, but not really. William's a very, private person, he keeps his relationships private, because it's just theirs. Gabe can remember William calling their relationship "ours" and how William is so fucking nervous about Gabe leaving him, but only if William knew how much Gabe was wrapped around his finger.

"You're Gabe Saporta, right?" The boy at the counter asks, Gabe snaps back into reality,

"How'd you know?" Gabe asks being confused, the boy smiles at Gabe,

"I saw your gig the other day, midtown, right?! Such a good band, man!" Gabe thanks him, and sits back down.

Gabe sits down next to William, his hand immediately goes to his boyfriend's thigh, "Carden sleeping over?" Gabe whispers in William's ear, "No, why?" William says sweetly, Gabe nods, "Just asking, angel."

A/N: So. it's been a while, sorry about it !! A certain someone was distracting me, and I've also been trying to focus on school !! there will probably be 5 more chapters !!

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