Chapter five - awoken

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I was woke from my peaceful sleep to opening sound of the huge, heavy door in the corner of the room i looked up to see someone I had never meet before, he looked different from the one who took me he only had his head around the door enough for me to see his almost kind looking face he had blonde hair, parted in the middle falling around each side of his face, a small button nose and a wide smile that seemed warm and friendly and not dark and twisted.

"Hi" he said in a cheerful voice, completely opening the door so I could he him stood there. I pulled my legs up more and buried my head into them. "I'm Chanyeol" he spoke softer this time realising his louder tone must have scared me slightly I looked up at him again and he widened his smile at me "what's your name?" He questioned "y-y/n" I said in the softest voice possible "that's a beautiful name y/n" I smiled sightly at this.

"Hmm it seems chanyeol has taken a liking to the new girl" as soon as I realised who it was I hid my face back into my legs to hide the tears that threatened to fall "sorry Kai she was just so adorable" Chanyeol said in a baby voice. I was reminded of my life back home with my sister and started to cry not bothering if the two stood in the doorway heard me of not, I could feel both of there gazes on my crying form.

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