Chapter Three, Dragon Eggs

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Chapter Three, Dragon Eggs

Morgana panted as she laid against Robb's chest as they tried to catch their breath back after another three rounds of love making that morning. Morgana snuggled against Robb as he wrapped his arms around her holding her close as he kissed her forehead. "That was the best wake up call ever." Robb laughed as he kissed Morgana passionately on the lips. "Mmm. It was." Morgana said in a breathy whisper against his lips causing Robb to chuckle once more. They were brought out of their little world by a knock on their bedroom door. "Theon go away!" Robb shouted. "I'm still angry at you!"
"It's not Theon, My Lord." Sir Arthur's voice called through the door.

Robb sighed throwing his head against the pillows all he wanted was to spend quiet time with his wife but he knew her Guards were probably worried about her. Making sure the covers fully covered his wife's naked form he allowed them to enter. "Come in." He called clearly, he was not surprised to see Sir Arthur to enter with Sir William and Sir Lancelot but what did surprise him was the large red chest that Sir Lancelot carried into the room. Grey Wind entered ahead of them laying down on the bed Morgana had made for him on the floor at the end of their bed. "I would never hurt her." Robb told them seriously.

"We know." Sir William assured. "Your wolf wanted in and we wanted to give the Lady Morgana her present to celebrate your marriage away from the Kings eyes." Sir William continued as Sir Lancelot carefully placed the chest on the floor. "Dragons." Morgana breathed as she climbed out of bed as if in a trance as she didn't put any robe on to cover herself. Her three guards turned their backs to her as she climbed out of bed out of respect. "Yes My Lady." Sir Lancelot answered bewildered at how she knew as they hadn't opened the chest.

Robb quickly climbed out of bed throwing a blanket over his wife not caring about his own naked form for the sake of his wife. Once he was satisfied she was fully covered he put on some trousers as he watched her open the chest as if in some kind of trance revealing three dragon eggs. One white, one green and one black and red which she carefully carried over to the fully formed fire and placed each one in the fire with her bare hands. Robb let out a strangled yell as he ran to his wife to check her hands to see not a mark on them. The three guards had turned at Robb's yell in time to see Morgana summon one of Robb's daggers as she sliced her palm open letting three drops to land on each egg before healing her hand.

The four men tried calling her name but she did not seem to hear them as she sat back and watched the eggs as they started to crack and little chirps could be heard before three dragons came tumbling out of the eggs. Morgana blinked her eyes rapidly taking in the sight of the three dragons before her; one pure white the smallest of the dragons, one a forest green colour which was the largest out of the three and the other a black and red dragon that was smaller the green dragon but bigger than the White dragon. She sighed as  she rested against Robb's chest as she took in the sight before her and what her magic had compelled her to do. "My Lady what you just did means you are the true Dragon, the Mother of Dragon as only a true Taragyren could hatch dragons from their eggs and these eggs and long since turned to stone." Sir Arthur said his voice filled with awe as the three knights kneeled before their Queen.

"I only did what my magic told me to do. It felt right." Morgana told them slightly confused as she looked at the three kneeling before her before turning her eyes on to her husband. "You are amazing my love." Robb smiled as he kissed her passionately. "We'll have to keep them hidden in here while the Royals are here I will not give them any excuse to harm you." Robb said fiercely his blue eyes looking like shards of ice in his anger he wished they would leave already. Morgana summoned some meat to feed Grey Wind and her new dragons, they looked adorable as they tumbled about uncertainly, she knew from her past life that they would not stay small for long.

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