Chapter Two, The Wedding

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The group watching them noticed that young Jon and Robb had smiles on their faces not deterred that they had been beaten, instead they glared at the Greyjoy boy as Robb checked on Morgana's arm once he'd set her down. The guests of Winterfell watched curiously as Arya handed Robb something who smiled at his little sister and set about cleaning and treating his betrothed's arm. From what they could gather all the Stark children, including the bastard thought very highly and cared a great deal for the Lady Morgana.


"You look amazing Morgana." Allana gushed as her Lady stood in front of her in her wedding dress, her wrap around her shoulders. "Robb won't know what hit him. He is extremely lucky to have you."
"Thank you Lana." Morgana said blushing slightly. "I'm lucky to have him as well." She hugged her friend tightly she couldn't believe she and Robb were getting married today. There was knock on her door and Allana rushed to open it reveal Benjen who would be escorting Morgana down to the Godswood where Robb was waiting for her.

"You look stunning My Lady Morgana. My nephew is very lucky to be marrying you this day." Benjen complemented. He chuckled when a blush rose on her cheeks. "Thank you." Morgana said nervously.
"It is okay to be nervous, My Lady." Allana told her as she moved to untuck her friends hair from under the wrap, knowing her friend would be happy, excited and nervous all in one. Morgana didn't say anything just nodded but she had a wide grin on her face. "Come My Lady it is time." Benjen told her holding out his arm. He was extremely happy when the Lady Morgana had asked him to escort her on her wedding day, as a member of the Nights Watch he would never get to do this as he would never have any children, but this was a great honour as he got to take part in his nephews wedding by bringing him his bride.

Entering the Godswood they saw everybody standing as they walked down to the heart tree where they would be married in front of. As his bride walked towards him on the arm of his uncle, Robb knew he'd never find any one else that would hold a candle to Morgana she was absolutely stunning and couldn't believe she was actually marrying him, it looked like a Goddess was walking towards him. "Who gives this young woman away?" Lord Eddard Stark asked as he would conduct over the wedding. "I do." Benjen said as he took her wrap and placed her hand in Robb's before they were tied together. "Who takes this woman? Lady Morgana Laelyn Taragyren?" Lord Eddard Stark asked again.

"I do." Robb answered smiling happily at Morgana. "I Robb Eddard Stark, Heir to Winterfell take Lady Morgana Laelyn Taragyren as my wife."
"And do you take this man?" Eddard asked Morgana.
"I do. I Morgana Laelyn Taragyren take Robb Eddard Stark as my husband." Morgana said happily as she looked at Robb as their hands were unbound.

Robb draped his family's cloak over shoulders signalling he'd taken her under his wing and under his family's protection as they kneeled before the heart tree as they said a silent pray to the Old Gods. After a few minutes they stood once more Eddard handing them a goblet that they both drank from. "In sight of the Old Gods and all gathered I Lord of Winterfell now pronounce you man and wife." Eddard said happily as a cheer erupted throughout the Godswood from his family and bannerman.

Smiling Robb took Morgana into his arms kissing her passionately. Wrapping his arm around her waist as she ran her's through his hair both moaning softly as they kissed deeper, they soon had to pull back as the need for air became to great but they didn't pull away too far as they rested their heads against each other as they stared into each other's eyes for a moment just getting used to the fact that they were finally married before Robb swept Morgana up into his arms laughing as his wife screeched a little and hit lightly him on the chest. "It's tradition my Love." Robb laughed as he carried his wife towards the Great Hall.

"I think you just made that up." Morgana giggled as she rested her head on his shoulder as everyone followed the newly married couple towards the Great Hall for the Wedding Feast. "So I just wanted my new wife in my arms." Robb shrugged not sorry though his smile spread wider at her giggle.

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