Chapter Two, The Wedding

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After talking it over with Cat, we decided she could lean as long as she kept up with her lessons with Septon Mordame." Ned informed them. "She quickly became the best at sword fighting and archery. She is even training Arya and Bran and will train Rickon once old enough. Morgana may not be a Stark by blood but she was always meant to join our family she has the Stark spirit, and Arya is exactly like Lyanna. Before she started training she refused to do her lessons now she stays for them even if she doesn't want to." Ned said with a laugh.

Things were quiet between the three men as they watch Jon leave the ring and for Arya and Bran to take his place wooden swords in their hands. Both Robert and Tyrion were surprised how quickly they got into the fighting stance without prompting. They were even more surprised at the young woman's next words. "What does a wolf hunt?" Morgana asked twirling the wooden sword around her fingers smiling proudly at the two before her. "Deer." Both Arya and Bran answered. "They are light and quick on their feet so a wolf has to be lighter and quicker. We're wolves so we have to be light and quick." The two finished before they attacked.

"The mantra seems to work." Tyrion mused as he watched the two young Starks fight the Lady Morgana. He was surprised to see her and the youngest Stark daughter in tunics and trousers, though the Lady Morgana had a corset vest over the top which Tyrion would bet had a breast plate hidden within the fabric. "Morgana told me it helped Arya and Bran focus." Ned said proudly at his soon to be good-daughter. The three continued to watch the training until Morgana took a piece of cloth off of her wrist and used it as a blind fold as Robb, Jon and Theon now entered the ring while Arya and Bran left cheering for the young woman to beat the three men.

"I have never seen this training before." Robert commented thinking they were going to use the wooden swords though he and Tyrion startled when the four pulled out their swords. Looking to Ned they saw he seemed completely relaxed as if this had happened before. "The girls mad she could get injured or injure one of them." Robert cried attracting Cersei and Jamie's attention who had come looking for their brother.
"A warrior is not truly a warrior unless they can fight well with one of their senses taken away the same as if they had all their senses." Ned commented proudly.

"This madness. The girl is not acting how she should be as the next Lady of Winterfell. Why are you standing here watching when you should be stopping this and punishing them?" Queen Cersei complained.
"Quiet woman." Robert snapped glaring at his wife. "If Ned sees no problem with the girls learning to defend themselves then I see no problem we may even learn something."

They continued to watch as Morgana expertly defended herself from the three men while blindfolded and even took out Theon Greyjoy, but instead of staying down like he was supposed to, he got back up fighting more viciously and ended up catching Morgana on the arm leaving a small cut. "CHEAT!" Arya and Bran screamed at the Greyjoy boy who had a smirk on his face though it was soon wiped off as Morgana stuck her sword in the ground before leaping backwards so her hands were on the ground and swinging her legs under Theon's sending him to the ground in a heap. She seemed to smirk at him before she continued to fight against Robb and Jon looking like she was doing a deadly dance as she twirled and fought with them.

"I wonder how she will defeat them this time." Ned mused. "The three of them are evenly matched in skill as they've helped each other to better their skills; erased their flaws. They've done everything possible to better each other in sword fighting and archery to the point they can go hours fighting and not tire from it, their ideas were that if everything went to hell they would make sure they were prepared for everything and would survive any battle. In training they usually tie or they would be fighting for hours though Morgana comes up with inventive ways to beat them." Ned informed the others proudly.

They watched as Morgana let them close in on her before quickly ducking down elbowing them in the gut, twirling her sword disarming them both one after the other, then spinning out of the way on her knees and picking up the two swords she now held along with her own in quick succession. The watching crowd cheered for their Lady, the loudest being the younger Stark children and the wolves howling happily as Morgana stood taking off her blindfold. She smiled and hugged Jon and handed him his sword back and then handing Robb his. He picked her up twirling her around before kissing her on the lips.

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