Chapter Two, The Wedding

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Chapter Two, The Wedding.

Morgana lay in bed tossing and turning her Raven locks tangling across her pillow as whimpered in her sleep, her eyes fluttering and glowing slightly before she jumped awake screaming at the terrible things she saw. She clutched at her chest her eyes unseeing as she continued to scream. The door slammed open and in ran Sir Lancelot, her maid Allana, Catelyn and Robb. The two males with swords pulled searching the room for who had dared to enter Lady Morgana's chambers while Allana ran over to soothe Morgana who seemed to be struggling to come out of this one as she started to cry.

"Morgana! Morgana! It's okay shh." Allana tried to soothe her mistress and friend to little success but she did seem to calm down slightly when Robb took her into her arms. "I thought her night terrors had stopped." Catelyn whispered feeling sorry for her good-daughter. Robb stroked Morgana's hair soothingly as he tried to calm enough so he could tell them what she saw. He'd learned from Allana long ago how to help her after her night terrors though he always thought there was more to it then that. "These aren't normal night terrors mother. I think Old Nan is right, I think Ana is a Seer. It's not that farfetched as she already has magic and is extremely powerful." Robb told his mother softly though that did not soothe the worries of anyone in the room.

For they knew that most would use Morgana for their own gain. She was the last Dragon and she also a very powerful witch who also seemed to be a powerful Seer. "You don't have to stay mother, Allanna I'll stay with Ana." Robb told them as Ana was just starting to calm down. "I won't do anything mother." Robb swore as he saw her pierced lips. Before Catelyn could say anything Morgana sniffles as she slowly stopped crying though she was no less hysterical as she mumbled under her breath. "Ana my love what was it about?" Robb asked as he rubbed soothing circles on her back. "It was horrible. There were loads of them, they were every where turning people. We have to warn them." Morgana cried as she tried to get out of bed but Robb stopped her pulling her closer to him.

"Warn who my Lady?" Sir Lancelot asked confused. "What are they?"
"White Walkers. We have to warn Benjen and the Nights Watch. More come everyday." Morgana warned her eyes wide and frightened. Robb held her tighter as he thought how her previous dreams had come true and wished that this wasn't one of those times. Catelyn seeing that Morgana wasn't going to calm down any time soon asked Allana to fetch a strong Dreamless sleep draught from Maester Luwin that Morgana had brewed. "If you stay here Robb you're not to consummate until you're wedding night." Catelyn warned her son, though she knew he wouldn't but she warned him nonetheless.

Seeing as she wasn't needed she bid everyone goodnight and sent one last warning look to her son as she made her way back to her own chambers no doubt Ned was getting ready to come charging down to see what was wrong. Once Allana returned with the sleeping draught Robb helped Morgana drink it before climbing under the covers with her. Allana and Sir Lancelot bid the Lord and Lady goodnight as they left the room. "Its okay my love. You're safe." Robb soothed again smiling as Morgana snuggled up against him, falling asleep almost as soon as her head laid on his chest. Pulling Morgana closer Robb soon drifted off to sleep.


"Is that the Taragyren girl fighting with your bastard Ned?" King Robert asked his friend as they walked along the gallery. A proud grin spread across the Lord of Winterfell's face. "It is." He said simply as they rounded the corner so they could get a better look they saw Tyrion standing there watching the fight.

"She is rather talented with that sword." Tyrion commented impressed as they watched as the young woman disarm Jon with a fast and peculiar move where he was trapped between his sword and her own. "She's been training with them since she was ten. She came to me and Cat asking why she could not learn sword fighting and archery as women can still die by the sword even if they didn't learn how to defend themselves.

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