26. work hard, grind harder

Start from the beginning

Taking a seat in one of the chairs, I stared at our team. "Let's start this team building meeting now with everyone introducing themselves with a great goal set in mind." I started, crossing my legs and putting my hands on my them.

"Well, Hi everyone I'm Simone." Simone jumped up first to do her introduction. "I'm twenty one years old, currently in college for journalism. I enjoy writing, and my goal set is to use social media for online writing."

This made everyone clap, as Jordyn stood up next. "Hi everyone! I'm Jordyn, only twenty years old. I'm looking forward to working with all of you. I love fashion, and being creative in everything I do." She took her seat, as we all clapped for her.

Next, Tiara stood up and smiled. "I'm Tiara!" She waved at everyone in the room. "I've been modeling since I was fourteen. I love fashion, being able to help others. Now at the age of twenty-two I just want to be comfortable, and be apart of a team of people who I'll consider long term friendships."

I clapped, as she bowed taking her seat making everyone laugh. As all the girls started to introduce themselves. So far everyone's vibe with each other was nice and friendly.

"I'm Zakia Perry, age twenty-two. I love clothes, and decided to create an business for it. With the creativity that Kimberley has brought to me is why I believed we should be business partners. She's very hardworking and so determined to everything together. The goal I have set in mind is to be at a certain level in the next two years of four. I believe that we will be successful and with the help of you guys — we will."

"Don't let Zakia give me all the credit." I playfully stated, as it made everyone laugh. "I'm highly grateful for every experience I've ever been in. By meeting Zakia and to working with her, I am so happy to be with someone who is very motivating and achieving. Only twenty years old, I have so many goals set for all of us. Firstly, starting with us all working as an team. Secondly, by giving everyone respect, love and motivation. Thirdly, being able to get this business to be successful. Fourthly, making sure it is ran the right way with good people who know the business, and Lastly, providing different things for the business, for the customers and for us."

"It won't be an easy ride but we will get through it together. Everyone should have in their head, their mind and that is these three letters, to WIN." Zakia ended the meeting.

The girls seemed excited after the meeting. I felt that it was a fresh start and a great vibe once the meeting ended. Starting with positivity and ending with it, will make it a very good working team.

I pulled my phone out from my purse to see Kobe's text message and I looked at it as it read where he was. It was in the mall and I was glad for it because of Zakia and I needing fabric and stuff for the store. I turned my phone off, and stared at Zakia with a smile.

"Your cousin wants us to go to the mall for something," I told her, and she raised a eyebrow.

"He's there now?" She asked and I nodded.

"Well let's go," She said quickly, and grabbed her keys. I laughed and grabbed my purse.

The workers were now off, and coming back early morning to continue working on the rearranging which I was fine with. I couldn't wait to see how the small charges will be before we put our things in.

Once we made it to the car, I sat in the passenger seat of Zakia's vehicle and texted Katrina to let her know that I will be home a little later.

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