Chapter Three- "Hey! Not everyone likes to prance around in their underwear!"

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"Yeah I noticed," Dave replied before glancing at his watch. "Crap, I have first period with Miss Heinz. I'll see you around Viv."

I watched him leave before sighing to myself, my body slumping against the metal locker behind me. God, my life was amazing. I could take on anything now, and I mean literally anything-

"Well, well look what we have here girls."

The voice was familiar and saccharine and oh-so-fake. Great, just great. Just when I thought my life was looking up, the universe had to throw a spanner in my plans.

I stood up straighter, turning to face my arch nemesis Jessica Hubert. You would have thought that with a surname like that she'd be the loser of Redwood High. She was blonde – naturally so as she told anyone who'd listen, tall and had a chest that guys liked to stare at. She was also head cheerleader and popular at everything she did. She was so popular that when she used the toilets, people probably applauded her.

"Jessica," I squeaked.

I grimaced at my tone. God, why did I suddenly turn into such a mess around Jessica? She wasn't that intimidating. I looked up at her. Nope. I was wrong. Jessica was terrifying. She had this way of looking at you like you wished that you'd never have been born and it was that exact look she was throwing at me. My stomach did a weird flip-flop and I fought the urge to spew out my hasty breakfast of muesli – a favourite of my mother's.

Jessica rolled her eyes at me, the sudden fake-sweetness disappearing in an instant. Leaning in closer, she glared. I could smell the potent smell of her perfume. It made me feel ill and I was slightly tempted to run.

"I don't know what you're planning with Sean," she hissed, "but if you try anything, I swear I'll make you regret it."

I shrunk back into my locker, wanting nothing more than the confrontation to be over.

"I wasn't planning anything," I mumbled.

Jessica sneered. "Yeah right, I heard about you getting Sean to do a report on you."

"I didn't get him to do a report on me," I defended, "he just sort of chose to-"

"Shut it geek," Jessica interrupted. "I know all about your plan on stealing my spotlight. Back off or you'll be sorry."

Jessica smiled suddenly and turned to her two friends, Katy and Lisa. Both seemed like carbon copies of Jessica and if it wasn't for their different hairstyles, I might have believed they were all secretly clones of their leader. With a satisfied smirk at me, Jessica walked off with her two clones, leaving me alone and feeling more unsettled than when I ran all the way to school, this morning. Maybe this whole newspaper thing with Sean wasn't such a great idea after all.

"Oh my God Viv," Juliet squealed when she spotted me in the cafeteria, "Your hair is gorgeous!"

I blushed at the compliment. "Thanks Jules."

"My pleasure sweetie," Juliet responded, "if I were batting for the other team, I'd totally want to do you."

I snorted back my laughter. Juliet and her parents moved to Redwood after her father opened a new Italian restaurant in town, I know it was really complicated. While Juliet's mother was French, her father was Italian. On the plus side every time I went over to Juliet's house there was always pasta or crepes to eat. Not that I complained about my mother's cooking – not that she cooked much. She was always ordering Chinese when she was going out on her dates with these random men she met on the internet.

"So I heard about you and Sean," Juliet breathed.

I blinked, before frowning. "He's only helping me because I'm tutoring him."

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