Chapter Three- "Hey! Not everyone likes to prance around in their underwear!"

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Have you walked through school and had everyone instantly turn to stare at you? I was going through that

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Have you walked through school and had everyone instantly turn to stare at you? I was going through that. In what probably was the first time in years – alright, months – I walked into school late because I had overslept. By the time I managed to drag myself out of bed, my mother had hogged the shower and sang some old, eighties song at the top of her lungs, failing to realise that I existed.

Being late meant rushing through the motions of getting dressed. I managed to throw on the first thing that I could find, a pair of jeans and some baggy shirt with a faded logo of some obscure company and of course, my unsightly glasses. With my sneakers that I received from my mother on Christmas, I rushed out of my house like a woman on steroids. Although, thinking about it now, taking steroids might have helped my disastrous attempts at running in PE.

By the time I reached school, my forehead was sweaty – a problem seemed only made worse thanks to never-ending puberty and hormones and I was completely out of breath. So it was obvious when it slipped my mind that I had dyed my hair yesterday with the high school bad boy, Sean Gregory.

Ignoring the looks I was getting, I managed to make my way past the hall monitors who lived to punish latecomers like me and found my locker. Sighing in relief, I rushed towards it but was stopped by possibly the only other person besides Juliet who actually spoke to me at Redwood. It was Dave Peterson. He was the school's top swimmer and had also been my Chemistry partner for the past six months.

He was attractive in the way hot surfers were. All muscular and lithe with the perfect blonde hair and blue eyes. And as far as I knew, he was also the resident nice guy. The boy next door. The kind of guy that you hoped would ride a white horse and serenade you as he swept you off of your feet. Although, serenading seemed a bit much. Maybe he showed up with a bowl of ice-cream and movies instead?

Dave was also the only other, aside from Matt, who talked to me as if I existed. Wait scratch that. He was now officially the only guy aside from Sean. Perhaps my new hair had made him realise his secretly repressed feelings for me, because the next words out of Dave's mouth was one I could never forget.

"Your hair looks totally hot and I can't believe that I haven't said this before, but Viv you are hot! Will you marry me?" Dave exclaimed.

Okay, so he didn't say that but in my opinion it may have well been since he told me, "Wow Viv, your hair looks great!"

Forgive my overreaction, but this was the first time since Matt embarrassed me in front of the entire senior grade at school that someone else besides Juliet spoke to me.

"Uh Dave," I spluttered. "Thanks."

Dave flashed me his good grin, the one that meant that he was genuine. It made my chest feel light and I was suddenly aware that a very attractive boy was talking to me and it wasn't because of a deal or a dare.

"I didn't know you even had long hair," Dave commented.

I touched one of my now lighter locks self-consciously before mumbling, "I uh, well it was always tied up."

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