Mythology Requests

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Hello! If you have gotten this far into the story that's awesome! I am so glad you are enjoying the story. Here is where the real fun begins!

There are so many myths and legends out there that it is actually hard to choose one! I would love for you guys to let me know which ones you would like to see brought to life! Before you do there are a couple requirements and you need to fill out a form. Ugh, I know work! But it will be worth it I promise!

Requirements: it has to be Greco-Roman Mythology. If this book is popular enough I will do other myths and legends but for now, let's stick to the current timeline :)

If you want me to write an entire chapter for you please make sure to vote/comment on a previous chapter. These stories take a lot of research and thought. So make sure to send some wattpad love my way for the S.S.Olympus. It could be anything you want: Comment/follow/sharing/ and or adding the book to your public library.

Please make sure to vote if you enjoy the chapters. If you do not like them leave feedback so I can make them better. Note that voting is not required for your myth to be created but it is super appreciated! If you already have because you're awesome then just fill out the form below.

If your myth is accepted please add this book to a public library and follow me, so others can see your myth come to life and you are notified when it is created.

It has to involve more than one person. Many myths are a solo mission and that is absolutely no fun at all.

What is in it for you other than an awesome story told in your honor? If your myth is chosen I will dedicate the chapter to you! How cool is that your name will go down in History . . . ish.

Form: this is where you comment please make sure to fill out the following:
Preferred characters: including the ones the myth is actually about.
Your name:
Tag a person who also would love to see this myth:

That's it and good luck.

Here's my other shameless plug. If you love my writing please also look at the Tendaaren Chronicles. It's my original story and I promise it's as exciting and entertaining as this one.

Thank you!

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