14- going public

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Niall p.o.v

We finally got to the studio where the interview was at I was excited because I could finally tell the world that I found my princess but I also didn't want fans to send hate to her "five minutes boys" Paul says entering our dressing room where we were all waiting "thanks Paul" Liam says "ready guys" we all nodded and walk out "hi my Ashley I'll be your interviewer today lets get started" we sat down and started "hey I'm here with the British/Irish band One direction" she said into the camera she keeps talking about stuff I wasn't paying attention until the single and taken question "ok who's single and who's taken we know that Liam and Louis are"

"I'm single" Harry says

"I'm taken" Zayn says

"I'm also taken" I say

"Really are your girlfriends here with you" me and Zayn nodded "Liam and Louis girlfriends are also here"

"Bring them out" she says the girls come out and shake hands with Ashley and Michelle sits on my lap while the rest do the same Diana stayed backstage "so you must be Michelle Niall's girlfriend" she says

"Yes I am" Michelle says "and you are Julie Zayns girlfriend right" she says to Julie "yes" Julie says

"Well guys we have run out of time but tell us what you think of these new couples using the hastag one direction new girlfriends bye see you next time" Ashley says after a while talking about our relationship and you know we walk all backstage and get our stuff and head back to the hotel "me and Julie are going out later what are you guys doing" Michelle asks "well me and Zayn are going to buy new clothes for tour" I say

"Oh ok in gonna shower quick" she says kissing me and then walking to the bathroom I go on twitter and see all the tweets people been sending me of my relationship

@directioner4life: OMG love the new couples Nichelle and Zulie forever @niallofficial @michelle_92124 @zaynmalik @queen_of_chips

@love1D789: Nialler found his princess <3 @niallofficial @michelle_92124

"Hey whatcha looking at" Michelle says coming out of the restroom

"Oh tweet that people been sending we just went public a few hours ago and we already have a couple name" I say

"Really what is it" she asks

"Nichelle" I say "I like it does Julie and Zayn have one" she asks

"Yea it's Zulie" I say "wanna watcha a movie" "yea but where's Julie and Zayn" she asks "they went to get food they will be back to watch a movie we can start watching the movie tho" I answers she got up and put the movie and then came over and snuggled into my chest after a while Julie and Zayn came back with the food we are and then continued watching the movie minutes later Michelle and Julie fell asleep.

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