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Warning: This has its cute and funny moments, but overall, it's dumb af. 😅 I spent so long writing it, though, it felt like a waste not to post. Despite the stupidity, I hope you enjoy this focus on Eran and Riley. It's been a while. 😊

Day 2

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Day 2

Jay: 'How's it going?'

Riley pouted down at his phone and typed a reply to his best friend: 'The last time Eran was this mad was when he found out I'd kissed him while he was asleep.'

Jay: 'Oh, fuck.'

Jay: 'What's the cat doing?'

Riley looked towards the TV where beneath it he saw two eyes―one yellow, one blue―staring him down cautiously.

Riley: 'Glaring at me from under the TV stand.'

The cat's black ear twitched just as Riley heard the latch of the front door. He shot up from the sofa and turned to the cat, pointing a finger in warning. "We're walking on thin ice here."

The cat glanced at Riley with a familiar aloofness.

"I'm back," Eran said with clear irritation.

He's greeting me? Riley observed. That's a good sign. He met his husband in the foyer and reached for his jacket, but was shrugged off. "H-how was work?"

Eran hung his jacket on the coat rack then walked out of the foyer. "Where is it?" Eran asked, his blue-green eyes darting around the room in distaste.

"Under―" Riley looked towards the TV stand but saw nothing. He peered further, thinking perhaps the cat's black fur was making it invisible in the shadows again, but no eyes could be seen.



Riley felt a pulling on his clothes and looked down to see Eran clinging to him, knee up as if ready to climb Riley like a tree. It was the first time Eran had touched him in 24 hours and his mind was momentarily clouded by affection.

And lust, seeing as Eran's crotch was pressed against his leg.

The cat meowed again.

"What does it want?" Eran snapped. He seemed to realize his body position and let go of Riley, distancing himself. He gave Riley a cold look.

Riley rubbed his lips together. "...Are you still mad?"

"I don't like animals."

"I know," Riley whined. "I said I was sorry. But Cassandra said no one else was willing to take a black cat in October. And it's only for a week. J-just touch him a little? He's really soft?"

Eran looked down at the cat apprehensively. The cat stared back before meowing again. Eran frowned. "Why does it keep making that noise?"

Riley raised an eyebrow, wondering why his husband was speaking like this was his first visit to the planet seeing an Earth creature. "It's a cat?"

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