Chapter One, Winterfell

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Chapter One, Winterfell

The once named Morgana Laelyn Potter now dubbed Morgana Laelyn Taragyren sighed as she looked in the looking glass as she braided her hair for the tenth or twentieth time that morning, to be honest she was so nervous she'd lost count as she needed something to keep her hands busy. Why was she nervous? Well that was a story to behold. After the Battle of Hogwarts Morgana had lost all will to live and one night as she prepared to end it all Death appeared before her. He offered her the chance of having a new life, in a new realm. A place where she would be happy and could be with her soul mate. Though like all things where she was concerned there was a catch. At first Death had warned her, her life would not be easy she would lose people she loved, but she would also again people she loved. The story of her life.

Knowing his Mistress was dubious Death had assured her that though she would face trials she will be better off and her life would be better, she would also have her memories and magic. Jumping at the chance as what did she really have to lose. She took it and was reborn into Morgana Laelyn Taragyren a Dragon Princess of Westeros. Her first three years were amazing until that dreadful day came where her family were slaughtered where they stood including her older twin sister Rhaneyrs and her baby brother. She herself was also nearly killed if weren't for her personal guards that had gotten her to safety.

But, like all things where she was concerned it was a double edged sword. The new King Robert Baraethon soon found out about her and would have had her, a three year old girl, a baby killed. If it hadn't of been for the King's friend Lord Eddard or 'Ned' Stark Lord of Winterfell who had convinced the King not to kill her but to let him take her as his Ward. The King had thought about it long and hard for three days and nights before finally agreeing with his friend but on the condition that she was to be betrothed to marry Ned's first born son Robb, who was a year older than her. Ned immediately agreed knowing he would get no better offer he took her back to Winterfell where she found the family she'd always wanted as Ned's wife Catelyn Stark Nee Tully welcomed her with open arms.

It was there as she grew she found out that Robb was her soul mate. Growing up together they became fast friends and their relationship soon blossomed, she also became close with the other Stark children that soon followed. Everyday during her teens Morgana thanked death often for the life she was given as she grew into a beautiful young woman and had the family she'd always dreamed of. Morgana startled as she was suddenly brought out of her thoughts by a knock on her chamber door. Looking into the mirror Morgana saw her now violet eyes were glowing slightly with magic. The seventeen year old woman smiled as she brushed some lose Raven hair out of her face as she called to who ever was outside her chambers.

"Come in." She called after clearing get throat. As soon as she finished speaking the door flew open suddenly and her love, Robb rushed into the room his eyes searching it for danger as he kneeled beside her his face taut with concern, his blue eyes raging like the sea they held so much concern as they looked upon her. Behind him she could see her personal guards Sir Arthur, Sir William and Sir Lancelot enter the room their hands on the hilt of their swords. "My Love." Robb called holding her hands in his. "Are you alright? We called three times but you did not answer, we were about to break down the door." He told her honestly fear evident in his voice.

Morgana pulled her right hand free and placed it on Robb's cheek, he'd had a shave and a haircut  it seemed. "I'm sorry my love I was lost in my own thoughts." She says lightly trying to hide how she really felt. She failed. Robb raised his eyebrow as he gently pulled her to stand before taking her into his arms kissing the side of her head softly. He knew immediately what was bothering the woman he'd fallen in love with. "He will not harm you Ana. I promise you that. Why there is still breath in my body I will never let anything happen to you." He swore soothing her worries.

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