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After Emi left,I thought back to when that man was here, Emi's dad. He seemed so familiar and yet I don't know him, however he knows me for some reason. Is he a relative? I don't have any pictures of him though so he can't be can he? What made my mum act strangely while he was there, she wasn't meeting my eyes and that means something is wrong but a good wrong or a bad wrong I am not sure. She had this certain look in her eyes when he was here a look of love? Was it loving? Who is this guy?

I get ready for bed, I go in my bathroom for a quick shower using my strawberry shower gel, I put my music on and used the bottle and sung my heart out to Cart Wheels by Ward Thomas. After a successful one person concert I got into my cute bunnie shorts and top. I put my feet into my slippers and grabbed my housecoat. I walked down the corridor and decided that I would question my mum tomorrow about that guy as she looks like she has hit the hay. I walk down the stairs and head into the kitchen to make hot chocolate. Hot chocolate was what I used to drink with my dad when I had a weird day or when there was problems in the house. I love hot chocolate and it's weird to have it without my dad, it just doesn't seem the same anymore, he would always give me three marshmallows and cream . We would sit outside or by a fire with our blankets and chat about our feelings. We would usually do this at least once every week and it was special moment that I got to spend with him.

When I walked into the kitchen what I saw stopped me in my tracks. There standing is my mum at the counter holding a mug looking out the windo. However there on the counter was a hot chocolate with cream and three marshmallows. I walked quietly over to it as I didn't want to disturb my mum.  She didn't turn around but she could sense I was there

"I thought you would need a hot chocolate, your favourite" she whispers

She continues to stare out the window at the beautiful beach. The beach was beautiful at night, you could hear the waves crashing against the shore and it was nice and peaceful because there was no one on it. There would be birds flying around and being at the beach you could see the massive amount of stars in the sky and you can see so many constellations. The moon was in the sky shining high and the shine from the moon reflects on the calm water.

I grab my mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows and walk over to her. Putting my mug down I tired to my mum and gave her a hug from behind she patted my hands and I stepped back and stood beside her and took a sip of my hot chocolate.
"I was young and so was he, we were both in school me being a cheerleader and him being nerd-smart person, we were total different from each other. We were in English together, we had never spoken and we were both picked to be the main characters of a school play, Romeo and Juliet. Everyone thought it was funny that we were both picked to be lovers when we were not even close"
she stopped talking for a second and then continued
"I was seen as this popular girl who did work hard but not as hard as him, we had both looked at each other wondering what had brought us together. We were told that we would have to work with each other after school, during lunch etc. I had a boyfriend, he wasn't happy at the fact I had to work with that guy for English because it was a romance play, he would get angry a lot and we broke up because I couldn't take any more pressure from him. The golden couple was broken up and everyone was shocked that guys would line up after me while girls did the same to him. School,wasn't the same anymore"
She takes a drink from her hot chocolate and a small smile forms on her face
"The more time I spent with him I got to know him more,  he made me laugh and he was easy to work with. I soon used to look for him everywhere and soon a connection formed. I loved him. When Valentine's came along I was given a lot of roses from guys and when I saw him you could see the sadness in his face, he didn't get anything. I thought I would surprise him and I got him some aftershave. What I did was I looked at the code of his locker...yes I know weird but it helped so when he wasn't there I opened up this locker and put his present and card in and locked it, when he came into English holding this card and present in his hand, he was so happy and had a big smile on his face, he looked at me and I smiled at him." She laughed
"He pulled me aside after school was done and he hugged me and said here, he brought out a card and a box and handed it to me, I opened it and there was a beautiful bracelet in it so beautiful I still have it on today" she showed me her bracelet, it had different charms on it and was silver, it has a scroll, a love heart, four leaf clover etc.
I gasp, that's the bracelet that my dad had gave her
"Your talking about dad right?" I ask and she smiles she shakes her head and I got confused
"I am talking about your father" I widen my eyes
"Bu...." She stops me
"Let me continue" she looks at me
"We fell in love your father and I and we were together for two year, we were both happy and we moved in together and was happy.... One day I was sick and we didn't know what was wrong....I had skipped my monthly cycle so I bought a pregnancy test, it was positive..... I was pregnant."
I looked shocked....then it hit me, it was me she was pregnant with

"I was so scared about telling your father, I was so scared about what it would do to us. So I stayed silent however he found out anyway and confronted me about it. He was hurt that he felt that I couldn't come to him about being pregnant and I said I was scared he would love me however he was happy and told me he loved me so much and he would always be there for me. When we went to see the scan we found out that I was pregnant with twins, we were over joyed and happy that  we were having two babies a boy and a girl when you were born we were so happy at first however things soon got rough. We argued all the time and we couldn't take it anymore and we split up. It was agreed that I would have you and he would have your brother. Every weekend we would have a family dinner so we were still close and you and your brother got to see your parents, we both soon moved on and had partners but your father and I made up and we agreed that we were both happy we found someone else's that we loved and we still continued to have the dinners swapping from each other's houses but also invited each other's partners.  Your father told me he had to leave country for a while and that your brother would be staying with his partner. However soon he returned after he learned he was going to be a dad to a little baby girl and he returned going every now and then however throughout the years you and your brother and father drifted apart and you haven't seen each other in years until now" she looks at me with a sad face

"Who is my brother mum?" I ask as a tear rolls down my cheek
"Emi, your brother is Emi, and that man today? He is your father, I am sorry honey"
The tears came down my face like a waterfall. My dad wasn't my dad, she never told me. Then I remember the dreams they were memories. I run out of the house and onto the beach.

I sank to my knees and cried.

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