Kakashi Hatake

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Name: Hikari Uchiha

Lots of people have been asking for a Kakashi x student reader. One asked for this name to be used. It is still written as a reader. Hope you enjoy it

You landed on the ground and slid backward because of Kakashi Sensei's attack. You managed to stay on your feet and quickly launched a counter-attack. Kakashi blocked it and you leapt back to avoid his next attack.

Kakashi stood down. "Good. You're getting better every time."

You gave a bow. "Thank you, Kakashi Sensei."

"We'll focus on your fire jutsu tomorrow."

"I look forward to it."

The two of you said your farewells and you began your walk home. When you arrived, you flopped on your bed and pulled out Makeout Tactics from under your pillow. Ever since you first met Kakashi, you were curious about what was so fascinating about the book he was reading; Makeout Paradise. That day, you went out and bought a copy. It didn't take you long to figure out what kind of a book it was and, once you did, you couldn't stop reading.

You quickly bought all the books in the series. No one else knew your dirty little secret. You had a secret fantasy of you and Kakashi reenacting scenes from the books. You blushed at the thought. "I think I have a problem..." You joked with yourself. Then you take your book and go to your favorite reading spot.

It was a treehouse in the forest that you had built in order to get some personal space. Although you lived by yourself now, you still found comfort in going there. The whole place was filled with pillows and blankets along with the perfect amount of light for reading.

You got comfortable and opened your book.

"Well, this is a surprise." Came Kakashi Sensei's voice.

You jumped so high that your head hit the roof. "Kakashi Sensei!" You were both shocked and angry as you rubbed the top of your head to ease the pain.

He was crouched in the window of your treehouse as if it was the most natural thing in the world. His eyes fell on your copy of Makeout Tactics. "I never expected you to be a fan." He picked it up and started reading. "This is the best part."

Your face was bright red. "Don't spoil it! I haven't gotten that far!"

"I wouldn't dream of it. It's more fun to discover it on your own." he smiled then entered the treehouse fully. "I'm curious though, what inspired you to pick up the book in the first place?"

Your face was now as red as a rose. "Y-You..." You slapped your hand over your mouth, not believing you just said that out loud.

"Really?" He gazed at you with a curious but sexy look in his eye.

"Just pretend I didn't say anything!" You waved your hands in defense.

"Well, this is a unique scenario." He started coming closer to you as he spoke. "A beautiful student, who's just fully bloomed into womanhood, has a desire for her sensei. The sensei who's taught her for the past six years and can read her as easily as a children's book."

You're whole body heated up as your back hit the wall and Kakashi continued to draw close.

He continued. "He's taught her everything he knows. Everything except the most basic and natural thing that two people can share."

You felt your whole body react. It was as if you were in one of your books and it filled you with even more desire for him. You slid down the wall now that Kakashi was inches from your face. He followed you and by the time you stopped moving, you were laying on your back and he was hovering over you.

He leaned in close and whispered in your ear. "Now you're ready, Hikari, for the most important lesson I can ever teach... What it means to truly love a man."

He pulled down his mask and you gasped in pleasure as his hot lips claimed your neck. His hand caressed your waist and slowly slid under your shirt and moved it up, taking the shirt with it. When he couldn't go any further, he removed your shirt completely.

You couldn't help but move your hands. You removed his vest and tossed it aside. He removed his shirt and your hands explored every crevice that was created by his strong muscles.

He claimed your lips and pulled you up just enough so that he could remove your bra. Then he laid you back down and trailed kisses until he reached one of your peaks and took it into his mouth.

You arched your back. "Ah! Kakashi..."

He smirked against your skin and began working at your pants. Then he smoothly slid them off your curvy hips along with your lacy undergarment. You were completely vulnerable before him.

He kissed your stomach then worked down towards the dark curls that hid your innocent treasure. After several more teasing kisses, he flicked your clit with his tongue. You squirmed against him but he held your hips firmly as he tasted your nectar. Waves of pleasure washed over you with each flick of his tongue, causing you to sing out your bliss. Reading your books a hundred times never could have prepared you for the amount of pleasure you were feeling right now.

He stopped for a moment and removed the last of his clothing. You gasped slightly as you felt him prod your wet womanhood. The two of you locked eyes.

"Are you ready to continue our lesson?" Kakashi asked.

"Yes, Sensei. Teach me..."

He smirked then claimed your lips again as he thrust in. You whimpered in pain and he held perfectly still so you could get used to his intrusion. After a moment, you moved under him and felt the pleasure of him inside you.

He took that as his cue and started with easy strides, pulling out and thrusting back in at the perfect speed. The sensation caused you to moan. This was better than anything you'd read. Their description couldn't even come close to this.

You placed your hands on his back and dug your nails in as his passionate motions increased in strength and speed, causing your breasts to bounce in time with them. You could feel your pleasure building.

He bit your neck and pinched one your peaks as he continued. You were sure the whole forest heard the erotic sounds you were making as the buildup was becoming more and more. It wasn't much longer until the shot of ecstasy radiated through your whole body, causing you to cry out his name. He reached his own end, growling his pleasure in your ear.

You panted as you came back to your senses. You couldn't find the words to say, but you knew that this was a lesson you wouldn't soon forget.

There you are, all! The super sexy Kakashi Hatake. Please let me know what you think.

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