Chapter 34

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Azreals arm hung heavly across my shoulders as he leaned on me for support as we made our way up to our room. The room is on the 5th floor. We walked over to the elevator the door opened quickly. 

Stepping inside I leaned over against the wall. I leaned my head into his shoulder. Azreals skin was hot on my cheek. I leaned over and kissed his cheek. He looked over at me his hard eyes now hot. I turned back to the doors as they opened. Standing up we stepped out of the elevator. It seemed that Azreal already knew where he was going so I let him lead the way. 

The long hall was silent. It was calming in the way after how crazy the last 48 hours has been. At the thought of the last few hours I pulled Azreal in closer. I very possibly could have lost him tonight. We walked and stopped in front of two wooden doors. Azreal swiped his palm across a scanner and the door unlocked with a click. 

I pushed the door open as we walked inside. Not bothering to look around I pulled him over to the bed. I walked him over to it. I pushed him onto the bed and he dropped with a grunt. Azreal sat on the edge of the bed. He was shaking and looked completely rundown. 

"Are you alright?" I asked my voice full of concern. 

"I'm fine just cold." 

"Your shaking." I stated with concern and ran my hand across his cheek. His skin was like ice. 

"One second I will find something." 

I turned from him and waked over to one of the doors. I opened it was happy to find that it was a fully stocked closet. I walked inside and looked around. I shuffled through some drawers and racks. I found a pair of socks and a sweatshirt. I pulled them out and walked back into the bedroom. Azreal was still sitting on the end of the bed. He raised his head when I came closer. Looking at the socks and sweaters leaned back. 

I walked over to him and set the socks on the bed. I knelt on the bed and scooted over to Azreal. I balled up the sweatshirt and pulled it over his head. I heard him let out a small hiss as I pulled the sweatshirt down. Slowly I pulled his arms through the sleeves. Pulling up the hood I leaned forward and kissed his nose. 

I pushed him down so that he was laying down. I moved down his legs and pulled on his socks. Azreal was still shaking slightly. I grabbed the covers and dragged them over him tucking him in. I brushed the hair away from his forehead. I stood and made my way over to the couch to lay down for the night. 

"Evelyn wait" Azreal said with a cracking voice. I turned back to him. 

"Will you stay with me?"

I smiled and nodded. Walking quickly I pulled up the covers and slipped into them. I moved towards him and leaned on his arm not wanting to disrupt his wound. As soon as our skin made contact I felt and instant flare of heat. I smiled at the feeling and curled my body around him. Finally I was with my mate. I slowly fell asleep to the sound of our sinked heart beats. 


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