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It's a simple decision, she says to herself, as her hand shakily holds the bottle.
It's so simple.
You just open it and let it take you.
You let it control you.
She knows she shouldn't be doing this.
Her family is in the store.
They could catch her.
Find out what she's been doing to herself,
what she's been hiding from everybody.
She holds the bottle in her hand, walking calmly to the cash register.
The cashier is looking at her, as if he knows.
She pays like every other consumer.
But his gaze never leaves her.
He hands her the change and the bottle.
"Be careful, sunshine." He says to her as she walks away.
Her heart is heavy at his words.
If only someone told her that before.
Maybe then,
she wouldn't be slipping the bottle in her bag
and seeing more blood spill.

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